Sunday, June 26, 2022

The Celtics forward defends obscene chanting at the Warriors’ Draymond Green

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After what transpired in Game 2, when Golden State Warriors’ Draymond Green wreaked havoc with Boston Celtics’ Jaylen Brown, everyone knew the Boston fans at the TD Garden would not forget it.

From the moment Green stepped onto the pitch, the crowd was on his case throughout the game. In typical Boston fashion, the crowd let Green know exactly how they felt throughout the game.

After the game, both become head coaches Steve Kerr and Clay Thompson made disparaging comments about the Boston faithful as “noble”.

Even Green’s spouse was fed up, taking to social media to rant about the NBA’s inaction in allowing fans to mistreat players with children.

That was a bit ironic since Green said he ‘played like s—t‘ while his son sat right next to him during his post-game conference.

Well, it looks like one Celtics player is adding more fuel to the fire.

After practice on June 9, forward Grant Williams commended the Boston crowd for their support throughout the game.

“Not the worst thing I’ve ever heard,” says Williams. “Some of these chants are just accepted. Some people respond well to it, some accept it; others shy away from it.”

It sounds like he’s asking the dubs to take it a certain way. From the Red Sox to the Patriots, New England fans are known for being vocal and super passionate about their teams — for better or for worse.

“I feel like the Garden fans aren’t holding back,” Williams continues. “I love that about them. They will be there for you on the positive side and will let you know if you are doing the right thing or not.”

Early in the second quarter, Williams set a hard screen that Green didn’t see coming and fell to the ground in what some might call a flop. Although it appears Williams was stationary, the Celtics were called out for an offensive foul.

Green quickly got up and started clapping. At first, Williams denied anything was said, but admitted he said something to Green that prompted the dubs to speak back.

“Nothing was said. It was one of them — actually, I said something, I just realized that,” Williams says, laughing. “No, it’s not a PC, so I won’t say it. Next thing you know, I think that’s why the clapping started, then he kind of pushed me and that’s where I took offense.

Game 4 will be interesting to observe all these different dynamics. With the Celtics leading 2-1 in the series, the Dubs desperately need a win to return to this series.

With Green’s antics of getting into the minds of opposing players, Green has already made this series a game within a game. It would be shocking if Celtics fans didn’t continue to chant obscene language at Green throughout the game.

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