Sunday, August 7, 2022

Steph Curry’s “Night, Night” taunt officially enters the realm of video games

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Stephen Curry’s “Night, Night” celebration quickly became the stuff of legend. The Golden State Warriors star ruthlessly dropped it on all four of the dubs’ playoff opponents, and now people in other sports (actually all walks of life) have taken the baton from the sniper and run with it.

Out of random child hoops the winger of FC Barcelona Ousmane Dembelepeople regularly go viral for dumping Steph’s favorite piece mockery Celebration in a veritable gold mine of situations. Even LeBron James was surprised by the excitement Admonition Stephen with a “You see what you started!!” tweet.

In other words, get over Cam Newton — your dab has just been knocked out of place in the pop culture zeitgeist.

Not only that, but Steph’s latest signature move has just spilled over into video games as well, courtesy of the nice folks at 2K Sports.

The first-look trailer for the NBA 2K23 video game – set for release on Friday, September 9th across all platforms – hit social media channels on Friday. As usual, the clip showed the similarities of various ballers from the NBA and WNBA executing a variety of moves on the hardwood with stunning graphic fidelity.

However, it didn’t just show them how to bring out the basketball moves that fans have come to know and love. There was plenty of frivolity to enjoy as well, including wild bench cheers, players hitting each other and even dancing on the court.

At the 33 second mark, Dub Nation got something to cheer about in the new game as Steph was shown walking down the pitch head in hand to send another ‘night, night’ message to the Memphis to send Grizzlies, just like he did during the Warriors’ title run.

Players still have some time before the game drops, but obviously they already have at least one thing to drop some VC on.

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Perhaps the best example of Steph putting his opponents to bed (or putting them to rest?) came in Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals against the Dallas Mavericks. After stepping aside Luka Doncic to nail a clutch triple off the left wing, Curry could be seen literally saying ‘night, night’ as the ball flew through the air.

Then, after the cowhide bullet struck, he rested his head again on the pillow his hands had made and held the pose as he dramatically rode down the court. After the competition, Steph served up a relatively simple explanation of the celebration.

“I’m just having fun,” Curry said of The Athletic. “You talk about having kids, you know how important bedtime routines are. It’s the final sign of a good job that day.”


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