Sunday, August 7, 2022

Sixers Twitter Goes Nuclear On NBA Commish Adam Silver

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News that the NBA is investigating the Philadelphia 76ers over possible tampering hasn’t gone down well with fans. They took to Twitter en masse to express their displeasure. your ultimate goal? Commissioner Adam Silver.

From a practical standpoint, it makes sense to blame Silver since he’s the one overseeing the investigation. Of course there is more to it than that. Silvers and Sixers fans have history. Philly believers still haven’t forgiven the commish for his alleged role in “Kill Sam Hinkie.”

Keep in mind that the league didn’t appreciate Hinkie’s tanking strategy, and some believe Silver forced the former Sixers general manager to resign in 2016. He was replaced by Bryan Colangelo, who plunged the franchise into controversy following its BurnerGate scandal. It was extremely hard to forgive and forget this mess. Especially when it seemed like Hinkie’s plan was just about to materialize. The jury is still on it and the door is closed forever.

All-Star center Joel Embiid has defended Hinkie in interviews and was referred to BurnerGate right after the close this season without a promotion.

“I’ve been through a lot. Whether you’re talking about damn GMs using Burner accounts or you’re talking about their players.” Embiid to reporters on March 2nd. “I always thought I would always have a coach for the rest of my career at Coach [Brett] Brown, and obviously you’re changing, and I’ve seen so many players.

“I remember my first two or three years, we had probably over 80 players in a year – just guys coming in, guys getting cut. It is difficult. It’s hard to maintain this culture. So I wouldn’t say it’s just about me. Obviously I’ve been here the longest and I’ve been lucky enough to get through trade deadlines and not get traded and all that stuff.”

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Things got pretty ugly on Twitter Friday night following reports of a league investigation into the Sixers. Fans accused the fact “Hate Philly” and be mad about it not be invited to Michael Rubin’s party on July 4th.

loves silver “screws” the sixers. And he should be brought to justice “War crimes.”

Silver has long stood for player empowerment and is a strong advocate for freedom of choice, but there are limits. He draws a line in the sand when there is a sudden outburst of players asking to be traded while still under contract. For example Kevin Durant.

Silver explained it this way during a press conference at the Las Vegas Summer League on July 13:

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