Sunday, October 17, 2021

"Significant savings" ARD justifies the end of cult broadcast

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On Wednesday, the ARD announced that it would do without the “Sportschau Club” in the future. The broadcaster gave financial reasons for this. In response to a request from t-online, ARD now went into detail.

One day after the announcement of the end of the “Sportschau Club”, ARD sports coordinator Axel Balkausky went into more detail at the end of the cult show uttered in the first. When asked about t-online, the 59-year-old referred to “significant savings in the ARD sports rights budget” over the next four years.

This meant that the broadcaster had to prioritize even more and “not only can certain sports rights no longer be acquired, but also some program formats can no longer be implemented,” said Ballkausky. The issue of audience ratings played no role when the program was discontinued.

In addition, there are no plans to establish a similar talk format as a follow-up program in the foreseeable future. The “Sportschau Club” was not discontinued for “content-related reasons”.

Most recently, the “Sportschau Club” with the moderation duo Esther Sedlaczek and Micky Beisenherz had several episodes with more than a million viewers during the European Football Championship. In its early days, the show was moderated by Gerhard Delling, Reinhold Beckmann and Matthias Opdenhövel. From 2013 onwards, Alexander Bommes usually took over the moderation.

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