Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Seahawks could sign three-time pro bowler playmaker: analyst

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The Seattle Seahawks could target a notable three-time Pro Bowler free agent.

As noted by Bleacher Report’s Alex Ballentine, the Seahawks have a major security flaw. Strong starting safety Jamal Adams is likely to miss the season with a torn left quadriceps tendon. Adams has picked up a serious injury over the past three seasons and has missed 25 of a possible 50 regular-season games with Seattle.

According to Ballentine, a notable three-time Pro Bowl safety could fill Adam’s void for the remainder of the 2022 season. That remarkable security would be none other than Landon Collins. The 28-year veteran remains a free agent, having spent the last three seasons with the Washington Commanders.

“The Seahawks aren’t going to replace him with just one player,” Ballentine said. “Few safes in the league can blitz as effectively as Adams while still providing excellent cover. However, Landon Collins can help replace his production as an asset in the running game and speed camera. Collins blitzed 23 times for the Washington Commanders last season and recorded three sacks. If that role were expanded, he could have a career revival of sorts.”

There’s no doubt that Collins is one of the best blitz safeties in the NFL. According to Pro Football Focus, Collins posted a 74.0 pass rushing grade last season, ranking 17th among all safeties. In the 2020 season, he posted a 94.1 pass rushing grade, ranking second among all safeties.

However, there are some downsides to Collins’ game. According to the PFF, Collins produced a lazy 38.8 degree coverage. That grade placed the veteran in the bottom six in terms of coverage on his position and was the worst of any safe with at least 300 snaps.

As Ballentine notes, Collins’ ability could be maximized in the right role.

“The three-time Pro Bowler has his reporting limitations,” says Ballentine. “His time in Washington was a disappointment as he has posted a passer rating of 114.5 or higher in two of his three seasons. But used right, he could be a seasoned leader in a defense that’s off to a good start against the Broncos.”

The Seahawks are currently starting with 27-year-old Josh Jones as a strong safety. While he definitely has experience – 26 starts in 59 career games – he’s never been a great player. During his four full seasons in the NFL, Jones never averaged more than a 62.3 defensive grade or a 63.2 pass-rushing grade.

Defensive coordinator Clint Hurtt expressed his confidence in Jones after Adams’ season-ending injury.

About ESPN’s Brady Henderson:

“It hurts because the guy’s a great football player,” Hurtt said of Adams. ” … So it’s a shot. We don’t have many people like that. But like I said, we have so much faith in Josh and Ryan (Neal) and their abilities. … It sucks. I hate it for Jamal. But at the same time, these guys can take their chance and they’ve shown they can.”

Given the Seahawks lack their best defensive player, it would be prudent to fill that gap with a proven playmaker in Collins.

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