Thursday, December 2, 2021

Russell Wilson reacts to the Seahawks’ offensive fighting

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Nothing about the Seattle Seahawks’ performance against the Green Bay Packers looked normal as Russell Wilson’s return to the field had no Hollywood ending. Wilson repeatedly cited “two games” as the difference in the game, referring to his two interceptions as the determining factor.

The Seahawks quarterback didn’t look like himself, with only 161 passing yards, no touchdowns, and two interceptions while completing 50% of his throws. Seattle’s offensive battles cannot simply be attributed to Wilson’s rusting away after being sidelined with a broken finger.

With 20.1 points per game, the Seahawks are 22nd in the NFL of the season, and their offensive problems go back to before Wilson’s injury. Wilson cited the 3-0 fourth quarter as the reason the Seahawks “should have won this game” and added that he had to “play better”.

“The reality was that the game was 3-0 by the fourth quarter or whatever and we should have won that game,” remarked Wilson during his post-game press conference. “Our defense played great, the guys fought between two really good teams the whole game. I had to play better and that was up to me. There were two games that were really the game. “

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During his media session, Wilson stressed that he was completely confident not to rush back too quickly. Wilson only missed three games with his finger injury and returned to the field much faster than many expected.

“I have no doubts,” added Wilson. “I have 100 percent confidence in [the decision] and our team and what we can do and what I can do and what we will do and that is really my attitude. “

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll supported the team’s decision to start Wilson against the Packers. Carroll admitted that Wilson “had a few bad games” on his return.

“We played really hard and really hard and the defense kept us in the game all night.” Carroll told reporters after the loss. “Russ tried to get a throw in the end zone when we got a chance there. We had a field goal that we could take. He tried to put it behind the guys, but it just didn’t quite fit. He made a mistake, he knows. Then in desperation he tossed the other one away, just to see if we could get back into the game. He had a few bad games.

“I know you’re wondering, was he ready and all that stuff. He was ready to play and there is no other information to tell us otherwise. He was pumped up, out of it and all that, and they did a good job tonight. You are a good defense. We couldn’t get enough of these to get the points we needed. Nor could they until they did.

“So it’s a big opportunity that we missed. It’s disappointing, that was a real shot and we could feel it and we knew it. And unfortunately we couldn’t do the right games at the right time to get it done. ”

As Wilson stepped off the podium, the Seahawks quarterback remarked, “We’d better come back.” The challenge is the Seahawks are running out of time as the postseason in a difficult NFC vest is out of reach of the team.

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