Saturday, June 25, 2022

Rising UFC star struggles with Joe Rogan: ‘Drives me crazy’

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UFC bantamweight No. 13 star “Suga” Sean O’Malley recently shared that some of Joe Rogan’s comments are driving him “insane.”

In particular, O’Malley takes issue with Rogan commenting during UFC broadcasts that Suga’s opponents should aim for his legs.

The 135-pounder has only lost once as a professional mixed martial artist. In August 2020, O’Malley faced Marlon “Chito” Vera at UFC 252 and was defeated via TKO. The ground-and-pound finish came after Chito compromised O’Malley’s leg with a kick. According to Suga, Chito’s toe struck a nerve, rendering his leg useless.

So O’Malley isn’t happy with the narrative Rogan may be painting about his lower-body resilience.

In a recent chat with former UFC Division 2 champion Daniel Cormier on the DC & RC podcast, O’Malley was open about his frustration. Cormier also works as a color analyst for the promotion and has called out several of O’Malley’s fights alongside Rogan.

O’Malley said via, “I’ve watched my fights over and over and every time I hear you and Joe say something, they’re like, ‘I don’t know why they didn’t kick his legs like Chito did, like Vera did . It was very effective for him. Oh god it’s driving me crazy DC.

“It drives me crazy. Because the kick he landed wasn’t a good kick. My leg kicks landing on him made him spin around in circles. His big toe caught the nerve as I backed away from a kick.”

O’Malley went on to say that he respects a commentator’s job “a ton”.

“Any time I criticize your boys’ comment, it’s just my opinion,” O’Malley continued. “And of course I’m my number one fan. So when I hear you guys say, ‘Oh, why don’t they just do what Chito did?’

“Chito didn’t do shit. He was lucky, hit my nerve.”

During his “DC & RC” chat, Suga also revealed that he has signed a new contract ahead of his UFC 276 clash with Pedro Munhoz next month. And the fighter also said that he hopes to make $1 million a fight one day.

“I sat down with the UFC recently,” O’Malley said via “Quitted with them. And I had a great conversation with Sean Shelby. I go in there and I’m like, ‘Hey, I want to make this much money. How do I do that? As an Associate of the UFC, what do I need to do to end up making the amount of money I want to make?’”

“For me, I want to get to the point where I can make a million dollars for a fight. Obviously I’m not there and I don’t expect that against Pedro. But that’s where my thoughts are.”

O’Malley will try to break into the division’s top 10 by knocking out Munhoz, who is ranked No. 10 according to the official UFC rankings. They will go head-to-head on July 2nd during the main card of the event at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Despite being 2-0 in his last two bouts, Munhoz has ranked in the top 10 in the division for years. And it’s a solid test of how well O’Malley can compete with the top bantamweights.

O’Malley has had three KO/TKO wins since losing to Chito in 2020, stopping Thomas Almeida, Kris Moutinho and most recently Raulian Paiva.

O’Malley has had three KO/TKO wins since losing to Chito in 2020, stopping Thomas Almeida, Kris Moutinho and most recently Raulian Paiva.

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