Sunday, October 17, 2021

Rich Eisen breaks idea for 49ers to fire Kyle Shanahan [LISTEN]

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Count NFL Network personality and Sirius XM radio host Rich Eisen as a staunch critic of anyone who believes the San Francisco 49ers should fire head coach Kyle Shanahan.

Eisen, during the edition of the “Rich Eisen Show” on Wednesday October 13th, was asked by co-host Chris Brockman if the franchise should part with 41-year-old Shanahan, whose team is and was 2-3 overall tarnished by criticism of porous offensive play and increasing control in the quarterback position. Eisen answered immediately with a resolute “no”.

“Did I stutter?” said iron on his show.

“You want to explain it?” asked Brockmann.

“Yes … because he’s one of the brightest minds in football and would be on the road for three minutes,” said Eisen.

Another main reason fans are turning their backs on Shanahan: Brandon Aiyuk.

Eisen addressed the situation, admitting that something needs to be sorted out between the former Arizona State Sun Devil and his 49ers head coach.

“Here’s what’s going on with Shanahan that people are wondering about. It’s Brandon Aiyuk, ”said Eisen. “That he was so talented last year and now, right now, there are all kinds of mysterious people. He was attacked 15 times this year. Trust me I know this is not an exaggeration. The full-back was targeted twice / three times as Aiyuk. People wonder: how is he completely expelled?

“Whichever kennel he’s in, get him out of the kennel yourself, because you’ll need him,” concluded Eisen.

John Lynch, General Manager of San Francisco, was vocal about Aiyuk’s demise, telling KNBR 680 AM on Wednesday that “Brandon has not made the progress we have expected him to make. We are probably keeping him to a higher standard because he has so much in his body and it’s important for a team to see how people earn these opportunities. ”

While 2020 NFC champion Shanahan’s head coach has a supporter in irons, a national release does not.

In an article written Tuesday by Joe Hoefling of Deadspin, the headline reads “Wait … why isn’t Kyle Shanahan in the hot seat?”

“Shanahan has left the success of its 2019 season behind, but it’s time the 49ers took a closer look at Shanahan,” wrote Hoefling, citing Shanahan’s Sub.500 record of 31-38 overall and the fact that his For early reasons, 49er teams have finished third or fourth in NFC West in three of their first four seasons.

Hoefling later adds that Shanahan has Pro Bowl talent around, but the 49ers are still on the decline.

“What’s worse is that the 49ers have immense talent in several positions: Deebo Samuel, George Kittle, Trent Williams, Fred Warner, Jimmie Ward, Nick Bosa and Arik Armstead are all very talented players, and yet the 49ers are a subclass. .500 team, ”emphasizes Höfling.

Hoefling also blew Shanahan’s first-round deployment of the Trey Lance quarterback after losing in Arizona.

While Deadspins Hoefling disliked the way Lance was deployed on Sunday, October 10th, Eisen still firmly believes Shanahan – dubbed the “quarterback whisperer” because of previous successes with Matt Ryan and Jimmy Garoppolo – the The perfect trainer is for the rookie.

“Which coach would you hire to get better? [with] Lance than him? I mean, he’s perfect, ”said Eisen. “He’s perfect for the situation. He has a long term contract and this is a team that I think are two direct head coaches (Jim Tomsula, Chip Kelly). So you had three different coaches in three years (four in four years if you count Jim Harbaugh). “

Brockman also pointed to Shanahan’s record, which Eisen countered with a rebuttal and history lesson from the 49ers.

“Look what Bill Walsh was like in the early years of his deal,” said Eisen. “You’d be crazy – crazy. Who better to hang out with Trey Lance, who’s out there right now, than Kyle Shanahan? Should he be in the hot seat? The answer is definitely no. Zero. The seat should not have a temperature. “

Hoefling also blew Shanahan’s first-round deployment of the Trey Lance quarterback after losing in Arizona.

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