Saturday, June 25, 2022

Reactions are mounting to the Rams’ new $110 million signing

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Just when the wide receiver market was quiet during a memorable March following blockbuster offseason deals with names like Davante Adams and Tyreek Hill, the next question arose as to when Cooper Kupp would get his financial climb with the Los Angeles Rams would?

The Super Bowl 56 Most Valuable Player is officially the latest to get rich.

According to The Athletic’s Rams insider Jourdan Rodrigue, early Wednesday night, June 8, Kupp and the Rams agreed to a new three-year extension that puts Kupp at a total of $110 million.

“The Rams and WR Cooper Kupp have agreed to a three-year extension that will pay out $110 million over the next five years, a source said.” Rodrigue tweeted at 4:26 p.m. Pacific Time.

ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter added more details about the deal.

“All things considered, Rams’ WR Cooper Kupp’s $80 million three-year extension includes a $75 million guarantee and is $110 million over the five years that tie him to Los Angeles through the 2026 season value.” Schefter posted.

Kupp’s blockbuster signing follows an unforgettable season for the former third-round draft pick: leading the league in receptions (145), yards (1,947) and touchdowns (16).

The signing sparked a wide range of reactions on social media.

The Rams Twitter account spent Monday creating a “RUN IT BACK” graphic involving their $95 million defense attorney, Aaron Donald, who they extended on June 6 to last through 2024 the Rams can stay.

This time, the social media account went online on a similar note — but lined up the MVP of the February 13 big game and the NFL’s three-time crown winner.

Then the team took a picture of Kupp sign out with your right hand.

The NFL Network shared a money face emoji as her Twitter reaction.

Pro Football Focus reminded Twitter users that he was theirs top rated wide receiver from 2021.

ESPN NFL insider Field Yates sent a Litany of Awards That explains why Kupp deserved such a deal.

Rams mascot Rampage shared an earlier photo of himself and a younger one, cleaned shaved Kupp.

The NFL’s Twitter account made this prediction: “More clutch moments are coming in LA” with a sunglass emoji and a palm tree completing the statement.

Finally, Rams Chief Operating Officer Kevin Demoff used a meme to describe the week’s office scheduling at the Rams facility.

Super Bowl champion with the Seattle Seahawks and former Rams rival Michael Robinson shared his immediate reaction to NFL Total Access on NFL Network.

“Congratulations, Cooper Kupp, well deserved,” Robinson said first. “Third-round pick, I was a fourth-round pick, so to see guys who get drafted later in the draft finally get their bag and finally get their money, can’t say enough great things about Cooper Kupp. The guy is always open.”

Robinson added his belief in why Kupp landed this new mega deal.

“It’s really how selfless this guy is,” said Robinson. “He’s literally the catalyst for the outside zone blocking that’s so great with this Sean McVay run scheme. He does everything.”

According to Spotrac, Kupp is officially the richest wide receiver in guaranteed money.

Kupp reportedly guaranteed $75 million, officially placing him ahead of original leader Hill, who has $72.2 million with the Miami Dolphins. Buffalo Bills’ Stefon Diggs followed Hill with a $70 million guarantee. Las Vegas Raiders’ Adams is reported to earn $65.6 million in that category.

Please see below for the full updated list.

The NFL’s Twitter account made this prediction: “More clutch moments are coming in LA” with a sunglass emoji and a palm tree completing the statement.

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