Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Rams WR Cooper Kupp still leads the NFL in 2 categories

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When Cooper Kupp was bottled on five catches for 64 yards in the 37:20 loss to the Arizona Cardinals in Week 4, it threw the Los Angeles Rams wide receiver off the league on all three major reception stats of receptions, distances and touchdowns to cite.

However, Kupp is still at the top in two NFL categories.

Starting Monday October 11, Kupp will be the league’s premier slot receiver at receptions and yards while lined up inside:

Kupp had a nice redemption game in Seattle on Thursday, October 7th: he caught seven passes on 10 targets for 92 yards and averaged 13.1 yards per catch – all an increase from that 17-point loss on the cards.

The 28-year-old Kupp lines up for the Rams in various places, but he has taken a total of 126 offensive snapshots at the slot per Pro Football Focus.

Kupp has an average of five catches per game when lined up inside. He has 12 recordings outside of slot WR.

So how did he fare against slot CBs? Here’s a sneak peek at that about PFF:

Overall, Kupp has won his most receiving yards from slot CBs in four of the Rams’ first five games. In addition, the deep center was where Kupp was deadliest: catching three passes with three aimed throws for 124 yards.

Kupp not only destroys coverages against slot CBs.

He has taken on bigger, more physical defenders than blockers – even defensive ends with his 6-foot-2, 208-pound frame.

Down here, he let go of Darrell Henderson on this key run that takes on Pro Bowl security Jamal Adams:

But one thing that wasn’t mentioned at all about Matthew Stafford’s first Rams TD pass: it’s Kupp himself who sets up the game with that keypad on the left side of the area where Stafford is rolled out:

Kupp will now compete against a team from the New York Giants, against which he has never lost in two encounters. The Giants will of course try to figure out how to keep Kupp out of the slot. But the team also has to figure out if it wants to go on Kupp considering the following:

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