Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Rams’ Jalen Ramsey sends a fiery message to his doubters [LISTEN]

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Jalen Ramsey was the target of constant ridicule after the 2022 season opener.

That was after Stefon Diggs, Gabriel Davis and Isaiah McKenzie combined for four first downs against the top Los Angeles Rams cornerback and gained 101 yards on routes and catching his direction. It was one of the worst nights of the perennial Pro Bowler’s career — and prompted online fan ridicule and media criticism following the inaugural debacle against the Buffalo Bills.

And unsurprisingly, the Atlanta Falcons took on the Rams All-Pro at SoFi Stadium on Sunday, Sept. 18, especially after Ramsey’s rather forgetful performance in the 21-point loss to the visiting Bills. Atlanta made sure Ramsey sent his best towering receiver options his way.

And how did Ramsey react this time?

It took Ramsey just two sentences and 10 words … then a repeat of his last eight words to send his fiery message to those who doubted him in the Rams’ 31-27 home win.

“I AM HE. I LOVE WHEN YOU COUNT ME!” exclaimed Ramsey, filmed by the Rams Twitter account.

What prompted the fiery statement? Ramsey denied reservations for six from the Falcons this time around – timing his jump and his hands reaching out over the taller 6-foot-3, 215-pound Bryan Edwards in the end zone for this interception:

And that aerial snap came at a crucial moment for a Rams team forced to hold off a late Falcons rally: He arrived less than 1:15 into the game.

In Week 1, Ramsey was considered the next cornerback on Diggs and Davis touchdowns.

But this time he wasn’t torched in single coverage in the end zone.

Drake London’s touchdown for Atlanta’s first six-point game of the afternoon? On the other side of the game, Ramsey was in the red zone on that score.

If any, that touchdown by Olamide Zaccheaus got close with Ramsey. Although Ramsey played his “star” role on defense, playing the role of safety. And on that play, he was expecting to get some cornerback help, but quarterback Marcus Mariota found Zaccheaus all alone on broken cover.

Despite this, Ramsey was re-acclimatized with his ball-hawking side. Along with the late interception, Ramsey delivered two pass deflections and collected two tackles.

Before the game, Ramsey was asked how he would react to adversity after the disappointing loss and how he played against Buffalo.

“I don’t know…I just got confidence in myself,” Ramsey told reporters Friday at the Rams’ Thousand Oaks facility. “I also don’t know if it’s a certain way I do it.”

Then came this next fastball thrown to Ramsey: Does it fuel him when people criticize him on social media?

“I take it as a compliment that people don’t think I’ve ever played a bad game. I guarantee this definitely wasn’t my worst game I’ve ever played in my opinion. But if people think that, then I’m fine.”

There was a completely different opinion on the subject of Ramsey this time. And it came from his head coach Sean McVay – who was the first to explain how Ramsey had a “huge” impact on the Rams’ win

“I think it started with his accountability,” McVay said after Sunday’s win. “And you know, I’m just so happy for Jalen. Obviously if you see him continue to grow he’s always been a great player but now you see him continue to assert himself as a leader and I think it starts with his accountability, ownership and the standards he sets for himself Has. And I thought it led to a great week of practice and then he obviously made a bunch of impact plays that tipped the score in our favor today.

Then came this next fastball thrown to Ramsey: Does it fuel him when people criticize him on social media?

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