Monday, January 24, 2022

Rams COO is honest about the impact 49ers fans have had at SoFi Stadium

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Los Angeles Rams players and coaches weren’t the only ones to witness the hordes of fans who loudly cheered for the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, Jan. 9 and threw off some members of the Rams.

A sea of ​​red and gold from the 49ers splashed inside the “Rams House” and rang out their cheers at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, leading Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford to admit how loud it got in this Heavy on 49ers article and how difficult it became to communicate.

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Meanwhile, San Francisco All-Pro Deebo Samuel attacked Ram fans, saying, “There weren’t that many Ram fans out there.”

But it wasn’t just Stafford who heard the noise loud and clear at his own venue on Sunday. So did head coach Sean McVay, who told ESPN, “It caught us off guard.”

And the high noise levels got to a non-football player, but also to a member of the LA Rams’ front office who had his own ears ringing after the game.

And he told Heavy he wasn’t surprised the 49ers fans were getting loud and boisterous – recalling that SoFi Stadium was built for that.

At the “30 Days Out” Super Bowl LVI event, held Thursday, January 13 at the home of the Rams and LA Chargers, Kevin Demoff, the Rams’ chief operating officer and executive vice president, spoke honestly about “home field advantage ‘ at the Crystallized Venue at Hollywood Park.

“We had an amazing home field advantage – but maybe not that much last weekend,” Demoff said jokingly.

Was the Week 18 contest against the 49ers the noisiest SoFi stadium in its two-year history?

“Our players said the Tampa game (won by the Rams 34-24) was the noisiest environment they’ve ever played in and how difficult it was for opposing teams to communicate,” Demoff said.

But then Demoff explained why a 298-acre stadium can have the potential for high decibel levels from everyone sitting in it.

“You start with a stadium that is 30 meters underground, surrounded by earth and has a roof over it. And because our seats are closer to the field anywhere in the world, there’s a tremendous energy coming into this stadium,” Demoff said.

In any case, the stalwart 49ers clearly had the louder vocal chords in this thrilling win over the Rams 27-24 in overtime that secured SF a playoff berth and prompted Demoff to repeat the stalwart action in that win from behind .

“Our players said they were surprised by the noise of the crowd,” Demoff said.

However, Demoff again stated that he wasn’t surprised by the loud energy since SoFi was designed for games of high importance like the week 18 divisional competition that had a huge impact on the playoffs.

“I think every time you build a great stadium in a place like Los Angeles, you will feel an incredible atmosphere in that building. You will have visiting fans. That’s what attracts this city,” Demoff said. “It’s a city of transplants.”

Heavy asked Demoff if the Rams went into playoff week on a more positive note after the 49ers game ended.

However, Demoff briefly went back to what his head coach said three days earlier.

“Sean[McVay]said it Monday, and I think he said a four-letter word that I can’t repeat here about going ahead and burying what happened,” Demoff said, cracking laughs.

The word McVay said was s***, mentioned here by’s Kevin Patra on Tuesday 11th January.

However, Demoff believes the 49ers’ loss won’t have the Rams on their minds.

“I think if you look back at the whole of a 17-game season, we won the NFC West, which is the toughest division in football. We had three teams with double-digit wins and three playoff teams. It’s been an amazing journey full of ups and downs and long winning streaks and a tough three-game losing streak,” Demoff said. “Our team is battle-hardened and ready for Monday.”

“Our players said they were surprised by the noise of the crowd,” Demoff said.

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