Saturday, June 25, 2022

Proposed trade sees Sixers keep Harris, add depth

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Tobias Harris’ contract continued to be a thorn in the side of the Philadelphia 76ers as it limits their ability to rebuild their roster ahead of the new season.

Of course, there’s always a way to trade a player, but if you’re aiming to compete, attaching additional assets isn’t always in your best interest. As such, Harris could still be in Philadelphia for the start of the new season, but according to the Inquirer’s David Murphy, the Sixers still have a few opportunities to explore.

In Murphy’s June 22 article, he proposes a trade that would send Danny Green, Shake Milton and Matisse Thybulle to the Detroit Pistons but also improve their rotation by taking back some veteran bench depth, making the deal a winner for both parties power.

Trading looks like this:

Sure, it’s not a blockbuster trade and the Harris mystery continues to lurk in the background, but Philadelphia needs to revamp their roster and this trade could give them much-needed defense and goals next season.

By the time he was with the Boston Celtics and then the Miami Heat, Olynyk was a high-profile backup big man, able to stretch the ground, provide some rim protection and provide tertiary play in a pinch.

Unfortunately, Olynyk’s powers started to fade with the Pistons last season, or at least they looked like they were fading. Part of the problem is that the Gonzaga product missed some time with a knee injury. But if the 6-foot-11 combo big can regain his fitness, he’d be an ideal fit behind Joel Embiid and allow Doc Rivers to ease his game plan if the superstar center catches his breath.

Over the course of his career, Olynyk is a 36.5% three-pointer, averaging 5.1 rebounds per game and two assists per night while also getting 47.6% of his looks from the perimeter.

On June 22, it was announced that the Detroit Pistons had traded Jerami Grant to the Portland Trail Blazersgenerate approximately $56 million to Cap Space on the way to the free hand.

It looks like that Pistons are poised to reshape their roster around Cade Cunningham and it all starts with a possible pursuit of Deandre Ayton, who is a restricted free agent this offseason. So a swap with the Sixers for two young, defensively-leaning wings could be the next step in the team’s plan for a more robust roster next season.

Thybulle clearly has untapped potential on the offensive side of the floor, while Milton is a troublesome defender on the ball if given license to push his man. Detroit clearly has more pressing issues to deal with, but moving away from Grant, trading with the Sixers isn’t out of the realm of possibility, even if it means squandering Danny Green’s salary on next season – after all, they have the space for it do, and then some.

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