Saturday, August 6, 2022

Proposed Trade Lands nets two All-Stars and two first-round picks in the Durant deal

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The Brooklyn Nets were unable to successfully negotiate trades for their two trading block superstars, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Of course, with talents from two generations, it becomes complicated to find a trading partner and get the right amount back.

Instead of looking for two deals for the two players, what if they found a trade that could include both Durant and Irving in one transaction? Bleacher Report’s Andy Bailey recently shared a proposal that sends both Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving away in the same trade pack.

The idea began when an NBA insider Eric Pincus of Bleacher Report proposed the deal.

“They should offer Davis Westbrook,” an NBA insider told Bleacher Report Erich Pinkus. “Try to get Kevin Durant. KD for AD and a choice is as close as possible [the Nets] get what they want.”

Andy Bailey, in his current columnshared a full potential trade proposal for Irving and Durant.

Get Brooklyn Nets: Anthony Davis, Russell Westbrook, a 2027 first-round pick and a 2029 protected first-round pick.

Los Angeles Lakers receive: Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

Bailey’s proposal sees the Nets getting an additional pick from the Lakers than the insider who first accepted Eric Pincus’ proposal. Could the extra pickaxe be enough to attract the webs?

Between Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook, Brooklyn would receive a former NBA Most Valuable Player Award winner, seventeen All-Star appearances between the two, and also two members of the NBA’s Top 75 list. However, they would also part with a similarly impressive list.

Obviously, this isn’t the ideal move for the networks. Davis has been struggling with injuries and there can’t be too much confidence that they’ll get a fully healthy Anthony Davis. The eight-time All-Star certainly saw it a drop in production in recent seasons. Westbrook and his remaining $47.1 million aren’t really wanted by any NBA team, including the Lakers. The Nets would trade two of the NBA’s best players for a player and contract nobody wants and an injury-stricken veteran Big Man.

Are there circumstances where this trade makes sense for the networks? Not really how things are right now. Durant has four years left on his contract and the only real reason to trade him is if the trade request escalates to a trade demand and Durant somehow sticks out.

Durant reportedly met with Nets Gov. Joe Tsai earlier this week, and the outcome of the meeting could be a major indicator of what happens to the Brooklyn Nets’ future. Durant could certainly insist at the meeting that he’s done with the franchise and doesn’t want to be in it at all, which could be a reason to accept this proposed deal with the Lakers. But it still doesn’t make sense. Something destructive would have to happen to de-lever the Nets negotiations, which would make Davis and Westbrook a more attractive deal, but without that, this proposal is unlikely to gain traction.

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