Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Proposed Draymond Green Trade brings 20+ PPG scorers to Warriors

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During his recent interview with Bleacher Report’s Taylor Rooks, Draymond Green made headlines with statements about his future with the Golden State Warriors. Not so much because he said something outlandish or controversial, but because it came from someone who has spent more than a decade on the Bay and won four NBA gold and blue championships.

“Honestly, the writing is on the wall,” Green said when asked if his dubs tenure is finally ending.

In fact, at 32 (almost 33), Green is past his prime. That, coupled with rumors he’s targeting one last big league payday and the lingering weirdness from his spat at training camp with Jordan Poole, could mean his run with Golden State is nearing the end.

With that being the case – and the Warriors roster likely needs more for a successful title defense – it might be time to sell Draymond for a quality piece. To that end, we’re proposing a trade for one of the team’s recent opponents, Washington Wizards forward Kyle Kuzma.

Even in one of his worst performances of the year against the Warriors – who defeated the Wizards 127-118 on Monday – Kuzma’s all-round game shone. In 40 minutes of play, the baller scored 16 points, grabbed 11 boards and dished out five assists.

Really, he has everything the warriors need right now – at least someone of size some Shooting, passing and a semblance of defensive fortitude. So, to get him to San Fran, let’s roll with the following proposition:

Make no mistake – going defensively from Green to Kuzma is a big waste. However, the latter has grown significantly in this regard since his young days with the Los Angeles Lakers. And he solves a big problem on the other end since the Dubs are now — as NBC Sports Bay Area’s Monte Poole astutely pointed out — “out of step with the current NBA” by taking on two non-shooters.

In that regard, Kuzma is a much better frontcourt partner for Kevon Looney, who almost certainly has more games ahead of him for the Warriors than Green. He’s also a player who can help take the pressure off Stephen Curry. This season he’s averaging a cool 21.7 points, 7.4 boards and almost four assists per contest.

Barton, meanwhile, has at least one fighting chance to do something Moody was rarely able to do in 2022-23 – step off the bench onto the pitch.

While the Wizards have been, well, less sad this season than they have been in years past (at 18-26), Kuzma’s game really has been one of the few things for DC fans to be happy about. However, it’s hard to be too excited when he’s hinted he’s unlikely to renew with the team.

And who can blame him? From the looks of it, Kuzma has a $13 million player option on his 2023-24 contract and the opportunity to extend for a modest raise. However, his market value likely falls in the $20-25 million range (or more), so smart money comes down to him declining the option and giving him full agency.

As such, the Wizards should cash him out now, and Green is a player you may be able to sell to Bradley Beal as a testament to your commitment to building a winner. Meanwhile, the Draymond bet is hedged with a nice perspective in Moody.

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