Friday, August 12, 2022

Proposed deal sees Mavericks country $60m grand piano and former awardee

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The Dallas Mavericks suffered a major loss early in free agency when point guard Jalen Brunson opted to sign with the New York Knicks. At the same time, they will be forced to replace their second-best goalscorer with very few options left at hand.

Dallas used most of their money to sign big man JaVale McGee to a three-year deal, meaning they’re left with no money to spend on other players. So instead of signing players, the Mavericks will likely have to hit the trade market to try and replace Brunson’s production.

One team the Mavericks should be discussing trades with is the Utah Jazz, who appear to be in the midst of a full-on roster cut. At the very least, they would likely be receptive to trade suggestions.’s DW Schabbing proposed a deal in which Dallas would gain both Jordan Clarkson and Jazz’s Malik Beasley.

Here is the full outline of the trade proposal:

Misfits get: Jordan Clarkson, Malik Beasley

Obtain Jazz: Tim Hardaway Jr., Davis Bertans, a heavily protected first-round pick

According to Schabbing, those two players would offer the Mavericks a lot of value off the bench.

Dallas made it to the Western Conference Finals last season, but they should still be looking to improve this summer, especially now that they’ve lost Brunson. Schabbing stated that Clarkson and Beasley would be important additions to the bank.

“Two jazz players who could fit into the Mavs roster are Jordan Clarkson and Malik Beasley,” wrote Schabbing. “If the Mavs could figure out a way to get involved in a deal to acquire these two players, they’d get a couple of seasoned rotation veterans who could contribute right away.”

Clarkson spent last season in Utah and is less than two years away from his sixth man of the year season. Over the past year, Clarkson averaged 16.0 points, 3.5 rebounds and 2.5 assists on 41.9% shots from the field and 31.8% shots from behind the three-point line.

Meanwhile, Beasley was with the Minnesota Timberwolves last year. He averaged 12.1 points, 2.9 rebounds, and 1.5 assists on 39.1% shots from the field and 37.7% shots from behind the arc.

In addition, Schabbing brought up some other players in jazz that Dallas might be interested in.

With the Jazz in the process of reshuffling their roster, multiple players are expected to be commercially available. Schabbing brought up two other jazz players that the Mavericks could target in potential trades.

“There are also other jazz players that the Mavs should be interested in as Utah goes into a rebuild including Bojan Bogdanovic and Patrick Beverley…though neither would likely come cheap now that Danny Ainge is in charge of jazz,” said Schabbing.

Both Bogdanovic and Beverley would be nice additions to the Mavericks, as would Clarkson and Beasley. And since the Jazz are obviously open for sale, any of them could be commercially available.

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