Saturday, August 6, 2022

Proposed Blockbuster Pairs Lakers LeBron James With $196M Superstar

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When you think back to the Los Angeles Lakers’ biggest mistake of the past season, distance is probably one of your top two answers, right next to unhealthy superstar talent.

And frankly, it’s that same lack of spacing that turned Russell Westbrook’s debut season in Los Angeles into a nightmare. The fact of the matter is, despite LeBron James’ vastly improved perimeter game, the Lakers consist of three stars who all love to press the rim and attack the paint. And without multiple elite shooters around them, things were always doomed.

No matter how hard the Lakers have tried, moving Westbrook into the final year of his current contract seems like a monumental task — but for Lakers fans, the thought of taking on the same star trio again is enough to rouse them something to give nightmares.

Luckily, Bleacher Report’s Andy Bailey appears to have a solution, as the NBA analyst in his Aug. 3 article suggests a blockbuster trade that will not only solve the team’s perimeter scoring problems, but also the color for LeBron and Westbrook to be the best version of themselves.

In short, the trade is a straight swap, with Anthony Davis going to the Brooklyn Nets and Kevin Durant going in the opposite direction.

“Davis is four years younger, but his injury history isn’t much more encouraging than Durant’s. And as LeBron James nears retirement, the move should surround him with more shooting…The title window for a team featuring LeBron and Durant wouldn’t be open for very long, but it would be wide open. Assuming availability (a big assumption for sure), an offense with LeBron operating in the middle of the floor and flanked by Durant and Irving would be a nightmare,” Bailey suggested.

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