Thursday, December 22, 2022

Pro Bowl WR’s cryptic tweets cause a stir ahead of Bills visit

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Wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. officially kicks off his free-agency tour this week, according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport. The three-time Pro Bowler first meets the New York Giants on Thursday, followed by a visit to the Dallas Cowboys and last but not least the Buffalo Bills.

However, hours after Rapoport’s report was released, Beckham sent out a series of cryptic messages that caused a stir on Twitter. “Never in my life have I experienced what just happened to me… I’ve seen it all…” Beckham dividedbefore Add to“Never. In. My. Life.”

“I NEVER COULD RECOGNIZE THIS,” Beckham tweeted next before you write “😂 Comedy hr”.

One fan replied, “One loves attention,” to which Beckham replied clapped back, “Lol bro fk up… you don’t know anything about shxt or what’s going on… imagine living in a world where i just went my way… and got attention for doing what i was on the.” field… i have never longed for shxt in my life but for love and peace. Enjoy your day little homie.”

The fan wrote back, “No, he just wants people to keep asking him what happened, that’s the point,” which Beckahm pointed out answered, “Booo… you got it all wrong. Do I need more attention…just gotta be ahead of the bullshxt. Let’s see ..”

Although it’s unclear what situation Beckham tweeted about, a video The image shared on the social media site appeared to show the 30-year-old being escorted off an American Airlines flight in Miami. However, there have been no confirmed reports of this incident.

Bill’s superstar Von Miller has publicly advocated for Beckham to join him in Buffalo since the start of the 2022 NFL season, previously welcoming the move as “said and done.” Ahead of the Bills’ Week 10 matchup, Miller noted that he had already “on the phone” with his former teammates and General Manager Brandon Beane. “The ball’s in his court,” the eight-time Pro Bowler said during an appearance on The Pivot Podcast on Friday, Nov. 11.

“I wouldn’t try to get him to come here if we didn’t have a chance,” Miller continued. “I look at this team and I see a place for OBJ. Not only on the field, but also off the field. I see that he’s succeeding, and not just team success… I recruited him. I gave him the game. If he wants to come here, it’s because he wants to come here. He’ll be happy because he made that decision for himself, and if he doesn’t, it’s all love.”

In a devastating turn of events, Miller suffered a knee injury just two weeks later in the late second quarter of the Bills’ 28-25 victory over the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving Day. When Miller was carted off the field, Beckham tweeted, “God watch @VonMiller!!! Lay your hands on him, Lord. I ask that it is nothing too serious. I love you brother, pray hard!”

The Bills are officially on hold when it comes to Miller’s status for the remainder of the season. While the former Super Bowl 50 MVP hasn’t torn his ACL, he is out indefinitely until Miller gets multiple second opinions on “other damage” to his knee. An MRI showed Miller suffered a lateral meniscus tear and will be re-examined in seven to 10 days.

Rapoport reported that Miller will do so absolutely have to be operated on, but the big question is whether or not he can wait until the end of the season. The invoices will have a final answer within the next two weeks.

After Beane acquired Nyheim Nines from the Colts and brought back Dean Marlowe from the Falcons just before the NFL’s trade deadline expired, Beane said the door was still very open to adding Beckham.

“OBJ is a hell of a talent,” Beane said on Nov. 2, per the athleteis Joe Buscaglia. “If we think he can help his team, we’d be crazy if we didn’t at least take care of it. Says if they did, all finances and roles should line up.”

Cover 1 host Greg Thompsett tweeted“There is a VERY sneaky way to sign OBJ for a cheap 2022 deal with stimulus-loaded 2023 numbers that are easy targets that are unlikely to be earned because he didn’t play in 2022, which means OBJ is confident I will got all those incentives for 2023, but the bills don’t have to be paid until 2024.

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