Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Patriots QB Mac Jones sends message to Cowboys CB Trevon Diggs

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The NFL notes the advent of Dallas Cowboys cornerback Trevon Diggs, but New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones is already familiar with him thanks to their time together in Alabama. When asked if he would avoid throwing at Diggs, Jones insisted he wouldn’t be afraid to throw in any NFL corner, but admitted that he needs to be extra careful at all times where the cowboys- Star is located.

“Of course you can’t be afraid of anyone or the like and you just have to know where he stands because you have to respect him, respect his game, respect his knowledge and respect everyone in this defense and their coaching staff because you do a good job in preparation and it’s on tape, ”remarked Jones during a press conference on October 13th. “And we have all the respect in the world for these guys and they play really well and it’s going to be a lot of fun just to play against them.”

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Jones admitted that Diggs got his number a few times leading Alabama’s Scout Team Offensive before emerging as one of the top quarterbacks in college football. The Patriots quarterback has detailed what makes Diggs so effective as a corner.

“Yeah, sure, I mean, he’s all over the tape, he’s playing moves and his technique and you have to be aware of where he is at all times,” remarked Jones. “And yes, he does plays and it’s not just him. There are other guys on the team who play too and they all play hard and they play together. So it’s a really good all round defense and they play together as a team and we have to be ready to go. “

The Patriots head coach Bill Belichick described Diggs as a “distinctive, very talented guy” who joins the match in week six. Belichick noted that there are “not that many weaknesses” in the cowboys this season.

“Very, very well trained, doing a really good job offensively with their plans and putting a lot of pressure on the defense,” said Belichick during his press conference on October 13th. “Defensively, as I said, they pretty much do everything well. They are at the top of the league in almost all categories of offensive and defensive, and that also applies to table football.

“So, not really a lot of weaknesses on this team, averaging 40 points per game over the past three weeks and one pretty decided, the Chargers hit. They are obviously a good team there, it is their only defeat. So it’s a lovely, pretty talented team. We know we have to play our best game, so let’s prepare for it. “

The Cowboys go into the matchup as a three-point favorite when they travel to Foxborough. It will be worth seeing if Diggs has fewer opportunities to play against enemy attacks because of his six interceptions in the first five games.

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