Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Patriots criticized for “Yucky” victory

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The New England Patriots are 2-3, but they haven’t been that impressive this season. They could make a strong case that they should have won two of the games they lost – especially the now embarrassing week 1 loss to the Miami Dolphins.

Definitely there are worse spots, just ask the Detroit Lions and Jacksonville Jaguars. That’s a half-full glass, but that’s 2021 and you know there’s a more pessimistic mindset to explore.

Michael Hurley of CBS Boston isn’t optimistic after the Patriots barely beat the Texans. He described the win as “delicious”.

Hurley wrote:

While Hurley may be a bit negative for some Patriots fans, it’s hard to find fault with his logic or concern. New England don’t look like a team ready to bring a loss to a quality squad right now.

At some point they have to turn the corner. Will it be in week 6?

The Patriots return to Gillette Stadium for a tough test against the 4-1 Dallas Cowboys. If they can somehow emerge from it with a win – gross or not – the conversation in the team will be a lot more positive.

New England Patriots (2-3) 2021 regular season schedule

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