Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Patrick Mahomes Named in Viral Message From Buffalo Pilot to Bengals

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It’s that time of year when everyone unites to dethrone the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC.

NFL Network anchor and reporter Bridget Condon went viral on Jan. 23 after revealing to passengers on Twitter a Buffalo pilot’s message involving quarterback Patrick Mahomes II.

She continued, “I’m about to leave Buffalo and my pilot just came on the intercom and said; ‘To the [Cincinnati] Bengals fans good luck next week and please for God’s sake beat Patrick Mahomes. 😂”

The Mahomes-related request quickly spread across the internet with members of Chiefs Kingdom, Bills Mafia and Who Dey Nation chiming in. She currently has nearly 6,000 likes and 300 retweets with over 615,000 views.

The first answers seemed to come from KC fans. One commented: “How can a team with 1 Superbowl in 50 years be so rent-free in the minds of the fan communities?”

Another spoke that “Salty Bills fans are funny because they wish Josh [Allen] was as good as mahomes.”

A Bill’s fan fired back angry after this tweet and said: “Nah. We beat you at home. We’ll beat you at home next year too. And Cincy will beat you at home AGAIN. And you will play in a trash division.”

“I don’t get the mentality of ‘Oh it’s okay if we’re dominated by the Bengals as long as the Chiefs don’t win'” The third KC fan reacted.

Finally one Chiefs supporter wrote that the “Preseason Super Bowl Champions [are] not coping well with another defeat in the playoffs.”

A Bengals fan also noticed that “this Sunday will be the fourth time in Bengals’ history that they are in the AFC league game,” adding, “They have never lost in a league game.”

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid addressed the media Monday, Jan. 23 after figuring out his next opponent.

“We’re looking forward to the challenge of playing the Bengals,” Reid began in his typical manner, “they’re a hell of a football team and they deserve to be in the position they’re in, they had great ones yesterday.” Played football. ”

“We know they’re talented in all three stages,” Big Red added later in the interview. “It’s the same guys playing against each other [as the past three meetings]so I’m sure both teams need to make adjustments and both teams will play hard – those games were close so we’ll just see how the season goes.

Reid is right, every Chiefs-Bengals outing over the past two seasons has come down to a single point. Not only that, the lead was just a field goal in all three of Cincy’s wins.

Here’s another trend that KC fans know all too well. The Chiefs led each of those three losses after the first half and broke twice in the fourth quarter. Last year’s AFC Championship was the only duel to have an even lead in the fourth quarter (3-3), although Cincinnati beat Kansas City 11-0 in the third to level the deficit and force overtime.

A lot of that is credited to Joe Burrow’s ability in the clutch. Speaking of the Bengals superstar QB, Reid said: “He’s a strong boy and elusive [in the pocket]. You gotta make sure you wrap him up…he’s a damn good football player.”

Mahomes is generally as reliable as they come on that front as well, but Cincy’s defense has his number. His ankle sprain won’t make things any easier.

Big Red has addressed Mahomes’ ankle injury in case you missed it, confirming his quarterback will most likely play in the AFC championship game. Expect a showdown for the ages between these two recent conference rivals.

Reid is right, every Chiefs-Bengals outing over the past two seasons has come down to a single point. Not only that, the lead was just a field goal in all three of Cincy’s wins.

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