Saturday, January 21, 2023

NFL reporter vandalized after Zach Wilson-Jets story deemed ‘false’

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On Friday, Jan. 20, New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson was accused of “being late for meetings, messing around in meetings and not having the right attitude” during the season, according to NFL Insider Jordan Schulz the score.

He made these comments during an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show.

Hours after these comments were made, several respected media personalities came out and debunked this report.

Connor Hughes of SNY said that Wilson’s problems this season “were on [the] Feld,” saying his work ethic and desire to be great are “never a problem.” He directly called the Schultz report, which claimed Wilson was late for meetings, “100 percent false.”

The Pat McAfee Show initially sent out a viral tweet quoting Schultz’s report, but later deleted it.

After removing the tweet, McAfee tweeted in To update:

“Our source(s) have told us that Zach Wilson has never been late for a meeting.”

That update was then quote tweeted by NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, who defended Wilson, saying, “The product on the field wasn’t what anyone wanted, but Zach Wilson worked insanely hard, was on time and did whatever it took to prepare.”

Robby Sabo of Jet’s X-Factor said the allegations of “misconduct” and “delay in meetings” were untrue. However, he said his source did not refute some of the other things that have been brought up recently.

The former BYU product just wrapped up his second season with the Jets.

He has two more years left on his rookie contract plus a fifth-year option for the 2025 season.

Gang Green knew from the start of this offseason that they would be aggressive at the quarterback position. However, the plan for Wilson is a bit unclear.

The way things are currently set up, in 2023 he will be the primary backup or third line of development.

The Jets’ message this offseason is that they have no plans to ditch the former No. 2 overall pick in the 2021 NFL draft. There was also a separate report from national media that the Jets have no plans to shop Wilson this offseason.

One of the reasons the team might not want to buy him is that Wilson’s value is at an all-time low. Any potential deal this offseason would likely yield a very small return and offer minor financial relief.

Also, general manager Joe Douglas would admit the organization made a colossal mistake in picking Wilson if they threw him out after two seasons.

In that case, the Jets might be best served by just holding him to see what can happen. Gang Green will welcome a new offensive program this offseason, and perhaps that’s a better fit for Wilson’s unique skill set.

Additionally, the Jets know better than anyone that you can never have enough quarterbacks. Last season is a perfect example as the team was forced to play four different quarterbacks and ended up starting three of them.

Also, general manager Joe Douglas would admit the organization made a colossal mistake in picking Wilson if they threw him out after two seasons.

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