Saturday, November 27, 2021

NFL Insider Offers Surprising Update on Jared Goff’s Injury Status

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Despite an uphill battle in Week 10, the Detroit Lions came out pretty healthy from their street fight with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

While few of the complaints appear long-term or the season is coming to an end, the team is on hold regarding quarterback Jared Goff. Goff was struck with an oblique injury, but played his way through the pain on the field in the rain. The question arises as to whether this will repeat itself in week 11 or not.

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On Tuesday November 16, NFL Network insider Tom Pelissero reported that he believes this week’s training will be crucial in testing Goff to see if he can play or not. With that in mind, Goff’s status will remain uncertain until the team can test him.

“I understand that the Lions want to see how well Jared Goff can throw the football in practice on Wednesday. Can he throw his core? If not, the Lions would have to consider starting someone else for a game or two, ”Pelissero says in the video clip. “Remember, they have a short week ahead of them because they are going to Cleveland on Sunday and then returning to the traditional home game of Thanksgiving against the Bears. If it wasn’t Goff, it would probably be David Blough, a Thanksgiving legend David Blough. Tim Boyle, the man who was their backup, a man they brought with them from Green Bay as a free agency, returned to training last week after a thumb injury at training camp. He still has a little way to go. “

Given that he’s finished the game, it would be surprising that Goff can’t play, but the team wants to make an informed medical decision. This is good news as they are looking to take their first win of the season. Stay tuned on this case for the team.

If Goff doesn’t make it through training this week, the next man would be David Blough, currently supporting the team. Blough already has plenty of NFL experience. After college, Blough was inducted into the league by the Cleveland Browns following the 2018 NFL Draft. He was an undrafted free agent who signed the team and competed during preseason and training camp to be on the roster. Before the final cuts, it was traded to the Lions in exchange for a seventh-round draft pick. In Detroit, Blough was the third string quarterback behind Jeff Driskel and Matthew Stafford and probably never imagined he would get a chance at the NFL quickly. When both players were injured in front of him, it happened in 2019.

Since his big break, Blough has played decently for the Lions, throwing 862 yards, 4 touchdowns and 5 interceptions in the league. He wasn’t able to outdo the Lions and win a game when he was a starter, but he was also a third-row rookie quarterback who was thrown into the fire that was never expected to be sees the field so quickly.

If Blough had to start, Lions would at least have confidence knowing he’d done it before in the league.

A big reason for many of Goff’s fights last weekend had to do not only with the sloppy conditions, but also with the sloping injury he sustained during the game. As the coach said, Goff was still giving Detroit the best chance to win during the time and didn’t want to get out, so he kept playing. While that may sound like a mistake, it worked out in the end.

On Monday Dan Campbell said that Goff was being examined, but he didn’t believe any of Detroit’s ailments were long-term, including Goff.

“You know, I’d say most of these guys really aren’t going to know a lot, but I can’t say that everything looks long-term. I would say some of them are not as bad as they appeared. We’ll know more in a couple of days, but I feel like we’re going to get out of here, ”Campbell admitted.

When Goff is healthy, fans can expect to see him back on the field for the Lions. Practice will show whether this is the case.

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