Tuesday, October 26, 2021

NFL analyst credits Lions for “progress,” criticizes Jaguars

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The Detroit Lions collapsed again and lost 19:17 to the Minnesota Vikings due to a long field goal.

Detroit tried for a moment to snag the win from the jaws of defeat, throwing themselves into a surprise fumble and managing to score a late touchdown while facing a two-point conversion to put them in the lead. The team fought one more time, but fell defensively after a few long passes, resulting in a 54-yard field goal that defeated the Lions after time ran out.

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While fans may run out of hope right now and the head coach may be emotionally drained, NFL network reporter and NFL.com writer Michael Silver is here to remind everyone that things could get worse and worse. Silver tweeted his belief that the Lions are making real progress after the loss, unlike the other team in the league that ended 5-0 at the Jacksonville Jaguars after Sunday.

Although the Lions lost, all but one of those losses were 10 points or less, which shows the fight they have shown that many people have noticed. In contrast, the Jaguars have been blown out multiple times, losing three of their first five games by more than 12 points.

The way a team loses can often matter. The outside perception is that the Lions are getting closer to flavor success while the Jaguars continue to spiral out of control.

Which team has the better chance of the worst record in the league between the Lions and Jaguars? This is a difficult question to answer considering Lions have a tough schedule and many roster restrictions. Even so, the team has played consistently hard for Dan Campbell and there are no notable malfunctions in the dressing room. It could be different with Jacksonville, which had to endure the Urban Meyer scandal early on and could therefore have a skeptical changing room.

Detroit has one more game with its NFC North opponents, as well as appointments with Cincinnati, Philadelphia, the Los Angeles Rams, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Arizona, Denver and Atlanta. Most of these teams are solid, so it will take a lot of effort to find victories in 2021. Jacksonville, on the other hand, still has tough games against Buffalo, San Francisco, the Los Angeles Rams, New England and Seattle. You play against a couple of teams that in Houston and the New York Jets could also tend to be bad.

After watching the first few weeks of the season, it might not be crazy to believe that Lions are prepared for a top pick this year. With the news in March that the Lions were letting one of their bigger stars in Kenny Golladay go to the free agency as well as trading quarterback Matthew Stafford, people felt like the team was poking around for future seasons to set up a potential tank for a top pick. While the team isn’t fueling the season, it isn’t winning either.

One analyst went so far as to make a very bold statement about the Lions months ago. As Kevin Patra said on Twitter, he believes the team should be considered the front runner for the first overall pick of the 2022 NFL draft.

If that hits, it should be music to the ears of the Detroit fans. The Lions clearly have many needs as shown by 2021 and have many tips after Stafford’s mega-deal with the Rams. Detroit could be set up to own the next drafts, and if they had the best choice in 2022, it could only help speed up rebuilding significantly. It will be fascinating to see if the Lions are worse than Jets, Texans, and Jaguars the rest of the way.

The Lions may have competition for the top pick, but they may not even be as bad as the Jaguars. It remains to be seen whether this will come true at the end of the season.

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