Saturday, November 27, 2021

"New evidence" Mercedes calls for verification of Verstappen maneuvers

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The spectacular scene between the Dutchman and Lewis Hamilton apparently has an aftermath. Mercedes wants a new check – for special reasons.

The tough duel between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen at the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Sao Paulo could have repercussions. Hamilton’s Mercedes racing team asserts its claim to re-examination of an incident in the 48th lap, the world championship team announced on Tuesday.

The basis for this are “new evidence that the stewards did not have at the time of their decision,” it said. These should be recordings from the onboard camera.

Hamilton sat down next to Verstappen’s Red Bull before turn four on Sunday and was already slightly ahead. The Dutchman braked later on the inner lane, was carried out of the curve and also pushed Hamilton into the run-off zone.

The race management did not classify the maneuver of the world championship leader as punishable and also waived an investigation. Mercedes motorsport director Toto Wolff later described this decision as “laughable. That was really over the limit, it should have been a five-second penalty.”

The fact that Hamilton was relocated to the bottom of the field after qualifying for the sprint in Brazil because of a non-compliant rear wing caused additional fuel. “We had to take a lot of blows this weekend,” said Wolff. “Decisions that could have gone in both directions all went against us.”

The Qatar Grand Prix will continue next Sunday. However, it seems questionable whether the rulers will subsequently impose a penalty on Verstappen. In the World Championship standings, Verstappen has a 14 point lead three races before the end of the season.

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