Sunday, June 26, 2022

Networks’ unwillingness to renew Kyrie Irving could cost them Kevin Durant, report

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The Brooklyn Nets had a one-season roller coaster ride. Starting with sky-high expectations for their big three, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant and James Harden. Those expectations were quickly shattered when Kyrie Irving refused to get the Covid-19 a voice for the voiceless‘, although this prevented the point guard from participating in Nets home games. Irving’s missed games reportedly frustrated Harden and ultimately contributed to his departure.

“He rejected the COVID-19 vaccine, let his teammates down, frustrated Harden and forced his teammates to play beyond their means. Had he gotten the jab, there are three alternative realities on the table: Maybe Harden stays, maybe the Nets go further than a first-round win, and maybe Brooklyn’s front office sees Irving as reliable and gives him the contract extension he wants. wrote Kristian Winfield of the New York Daily News.

Ultimately, Harden was treated with that Philadelphia 76ers for a package that included Ben Simmons, which with Simmons’ injury struggle alone led to another roller coaster ride in Brooklyn. That fight lasted all the way until they were swept against the Boston Celtics in their first round series.

Now the Nets must decide to score this offseason. First and foremost, they must decide to bring back their all-star point guard, Kyrie Irving, who Winfield had more to say about it.

“The Nets’ championship hopes depend on an amicable resolution with Irving, whose personal decision not to vaccinate and his unpredictable injury history have left the Nets hesitant and now, according to a source familiar with the Nets’ thought process, are absolutely not ready to to give him a long-term extension”, Winfield writes according to the New York Daily News.

Irving will have about a month to decide whether to sign on for the final year of his contract or test free agency. The Guard is likely to command something in the region of $185 million over the four years, and most teams going into the playoffs don’t have the salary cap space to make that signing. Other teams will likely need to take steps to reshape their roster to bring it in, complete a sign-and-trade, or find a compromise with the Nets.

However, the Nets decision with Kyrie could have a big impact on their star player Kevin Durant. Durant, who has a strong friendship with Irving, could possibly get frustrated with the Nets if Kyrie should go straight.

With the Reports of Brooklyn’s unwillingness To sign Irving on a long-term extension, maybe we’ll finally see the power Durant has in the organization. Durant has long been talked about as shadow GM for the Nets, and if the Nets can pull off a deal, it’s likely a testament to the power Durant has in the organization. Sean Marks, the general manager of Nets, clarified that, and says that while providing input, players have no control over the franchise. But if it doesn’t result in an extension or a sign-and-trade, problems could arise in Brooklyn.

If Irving leaves immediately as a free agent this summer, angered by the Nets’ tough stance on his availability, Brooklyn won’t have the space to replace him with a star, meaning Durant, who is entering 16th year, with one could play the questionable Ben Simmons (back surgery) and a roster full of role players.

That’s a first-round exit at best — if Durant stays to see it, and according to multiple sources, Durant and the Nets front office haven’t spoken since they were swept out of the first round.

In layman’s terms, if Irving leaves the Nets, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Durant felt frustrated that the organization can surround him with championship pieces.Winfield further in his reporting.

What started with the Nets becoming instant title contenders after acquiring Irving and Durant may end up more sloppily than anyone expected. What the team’s plans are and how they answer the squad’s biggest questions will be answered in just a matter of weeks, and new opportunities seem to be emerging from the woodwork every day.

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