Sunday, August 7, 2022

Nets Trade Gains Momentum In Quest For Triple All-Star

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That Brooklyn Networks remain in the big trade talks this NBA offseason. They have been since Kevin Durant requested a trade on June 30 before free agency opened. Since then, pretty much every NBA team has called to inquire about potential trade packages. However, most teams are struggling to meet the Nets’ expectations. Brian Windhorst reported, “Durant’s price may not be as high as the Nets wanted.” July 11 episode of ESPN Stand up.

Packages from teams like the Miami Heat, Phoenix Suns, Toronto Raptors and New Orleans Hornets have discussed trading with the Nets. However, one team that’s been gaining momentum in talks lately is the Utah Jazz. Donovan Mitchell was recently tied to the Nets in a proposed four-team deal. On July 12th, news from Jazz Camp raised the possibility of a possible trade.

Utah Jazz’s Donovan Mitchell has New York roots and wouldn’t be sad to end up in the nets. Earlier last week, it was reported that the Jazz “have no intention” of trading the star and that the opportunities for them to make any trades have diminished. However, on July 12, Adrian Wojnarowski added new reports.

“After previously shutting down investigations into All-Star guard Donovan Mitchell’s move, competing teams say the Utah Jazz are poised to listen to possible trade scenarios, sources tell ESPN.” Wojnarowski tweeted.

Jazz beat writer Tony Jones was quick to follow that report, noting that the New York Knicks may be a team with the assets to score a Mitchell trade. However, Brooklyn in a Durant or Simmons trade could also strike a deal.

“According to league sources, expect the New York Knicks to quickly try to put together a package for Donovan Mitchell. Utah’s Trading Mitchell bar is sky high. But the Knicks are the team that has what it takes to make this a conversation.” Jones tweeted.

Potential deals for the Nets included assets like Ben Simmons, Kevin Durant, Joe Harris and Cam Thomas. How a deal will go through remains to be seen, but if the Jazz are looking, the Nets should go after the 25-year-old superstar.

When the nets aren’t acting for Mitchell, the Miami Heat is one of the top contenders right now. On July 12, Adrian Wojnarowski also added reporting on the ongoing talks surrounding Kevin Durant and the Heat. Wojnarowski called the Heat the “most determined” to land Durant. He noted that Miami would likely need another team to be involved in a potential deal, but they certainly have what it takes to strike a deal.

With Riley in pursuit, the Heat are always in a good position to add players at the right price. The Nets would likely need to see Bam Adebayo in the potential Nets deal because Tyler Herro isn’t enough to come back. But if Adebayo is involved in a Nets deal, Ben Simmons would have to be involved in the deal.

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