Monday, October 3, 2022

Nets linked to MVP Candidate Guard in shocking trade proposal

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The Brooklyn Nets could potentially meet up with Kevin Durant this season and get him to withdraw his trade request. The superstar has reportedly committed to be back in Brooklyn long-term, hopefully for the end of the remaining four years of his contract. Despite the news that he will return to Brooklyn, NBA insider Ric Bucher shared a quote from an NBA executive who believes Durant will be traded at the February close.

“I think the Nets just told him, ‘There’s no deal we’re comfortable with and we’re not just going to rat you out like that,'” an Eastern Conference GM told FOX Sports. “I think he will still be moved by the trade deadline if things don’t go well. That might even have been part of the deal, a soft agreement that if it doesn’t work out, they’ll postpone it.”

Kevin Durant isn’t the only star player that some in the NBA are expecting could be available at the close. It’s also been rumored that the Chicago Bulls’ DeMar DeRozan may be traded midseason when the Bulls have a slow start to the season.

In a recent article for True Hoop, David Thorpe speculated that if the Bulls don’t get off to a good start in the upcoming season, they might try to trade one of their star players into DeMar DeRozan by deadline date.

Bleacher Report fueled rumors that DeRozan may trade at close Article from 20.9, which connected the All-Star to the Nets. The deal involved a total of five trades and three first-round draft picks.

Chicago Bulls receive: F Kevin Durant, F Kessler Edwards

Get Brooklyn Nets: F. DeMar DeRozan, F. Patrick Williams, G. Coby White, 2023 first-round pick (lottery protected, via Portland Trail Blazers*), 2027 and 2029 unprotected first-round picks

Bleacher Report noted that if Durant again decides he wants to leave Brooklyn and he can’t regain confidence in the front office, maybe that could create a scenario for a trade. The proposed deal would help the Nets avoid a rebuild with the addition of DeRozan, who was an MVP contender for most of last season, where he averaged 27.9 points, 5.2 rebounds and 4.9 assists per game scored, 50.4 percent overall.

It would also give them two young players with a lot of potential. Williams has the potential to be defensive elite and White would allow them to have another point guard if things get messy again with Kyrie Irving. The Nets would still have Ben Simmons and a pretty solid team and could still compete in the East.

The aforementioned David Thorpe article was the first to raise the idea of ​​a midseason trade in DeRozan for the bulls. In it, he put a big asterisk that would depend on how the Bulls started their season while also bonding the Heat as a team, but the Nets could have more potential firepower if Durant wants out.

“If the Bulls fight out of goal the way they hobbled home last season, DeRozan could bring real value back to a Bulls team featuring Zach LaVine, Pat Williams and a squad of young guards over the medium and long term. After a monster season, DeRozan’s stock will never be higher.

The Heat – starring Tyler Herro, Duncan Robinson and Nikola Jović – have the pieces to bring DeRozan to South Beach. A DeRozan-Jimmy Butler wing pairing would give Miami a better offensive advantage (especially if Butler doubles the number of 3s he took in the regular season like he did in the playoffs) to defeat the Bucks and the Celtics , without sacrificing overall defense. In exchange, the Bulls get a manageable contract at Robinson, a great prospect at Jović and a rising star at Herro, whom they’re likely to sign and extend as part of a deal from the Heat. Thorpe wrote.

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