Friday, August 5, 2022

NBA insider shares shocking revelation about Kyrie Irving’s future

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The legend of Brooklyn Networks and her rocky off-season continues. Reports keep coming out, only for another report to contradict the next day. In a minute you will be reading in detail Four-Team Trading Suggestions thrown away, and the next that networks are preparing as if both Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving would be back in Brooklyn next season.

One of the stories that continues to circulate on the Nets is about Kyrie Irving. ESPN’s Brian Windhorst’s report that the Nets are ready to keep their two stars certainly comes as a surprise. Shortly after Durant announced his trade, Yahoo Sports’ Vincent Goodwill wrote that Kyrie’s time in Brooklyn was also up.

“Best to believe the Nets were last seen of Irving in their uniform – don’t be surprised if the Nets use the waiver and stretch rule to extricate themselves from Irving’s presence, even if his smell will linger for the next three years.” ” Goodwill wrote.

On the July 13 episode of Basketball Illuminati, starring NBA insiders Tom Haberstroh and Amin Elhassan, Goodwill joined the show and elaborated on his comments that the Nets are willing to give up Irving to get rid of him.

“Think of it like this. Joe Tsai is a guy who has gone through three CEOs on the business side. Do you think a man of such wealth would be willing to take orders from Kyrie Irving?” asked benevolently. “Like at a point where they can’t find a trading partner … let’s just say the Lakers, let’s say there’s no trading happening. Under no circumstances should they allow Kyrie to enter Barclays or the training facility. There’s no way he’s coming back. So if you don’t trade with the Lakers and no one else out there is willing to trade for them. Why take that $39 million? … That’s the equivalent of a bad contract Sean Marks used to take on players with attached draft picks that helped fuel their rebuild.”

According to Goodwill, if Brooklyn is unable to trade the all-star point guard Joe Tsai is so sick of it, the team will treat the deal like a bad contract and exercise the exemption waive-and-stretch provision can of the headaches associated with Kyrie wherever she goes.

On the Basketball Illuminati podcast, Goodwill continued his discussion after being asked if teams would line up to sign Irving on the open market if Brooklyn used its waive-and-stretch provision.

“Here’s what I think. I think there are organizations that are internally mixed. It’s not a terse and dry “Oh, we hate this guy, we don’t want him.” I think an owner can say no, a GM can say yes and a trainer can say no. The further away the distance from Kyrie Irving, the sooner you can say yes. Why? Because you don’t have to put up with him being the coach,” Goodwill continued.

If Irving is picked up in Brooklyn, it remains to be seen what that market would be like. With only one team currently interested in taking on Irving, that says a lot about the opinion of Irving he brings and that the headache isn’t worth the unique talent.

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