Saturday, June 25, 2022

NBA insider says LeBron James would laugh at Warriors’ Steph Curry comparison

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As the Golden State Warriors take a little hiatus before the start of the NBA Finals, TV shows have relentlessly debated the legacy of the Warriors and certain players. Whether it’s comparing players from different eras or stirring up controversy, sports shows are saturated with endless content.

During the Get Up! On ESPN, Patrick Beverley discussed how the Warriors could have easily won from 2015-2019, and then the debate that Steph Curry was in the same conversation wouldn’t even be debated.

Long-time LeBron James insider Brian Windhorst burst out laughing and chimed in that James thought the whole conversation was a joke.

“When Steph Curry wins the Finals and the MVP, when you’re talking about a guy with four rings, two MVPs and a Finals MVP, you’re talking about the super elite in the history of the game. [Michael] Jordan, LeBron, [Bill] Russell—Steph would be like five guys who have ever done this.

But LeBron James would laugh at the concept of comparing them that way.”

Both Beverley and Vince Carter got defensive, saying they weren’t comparing James to Curry, just complimenting Curry’s accolades and saying that Curry belongs in James’ conversation.

This is not an apples and pears situation. Talking about whether someone belongs in the same conversation as someone else is pretty much the same as comparing.

In the same segment, Windhorst admits that Curry should rank as the top 10-12 player of all time in league history.

On a competing TV show, First Things First on FS1, Chris Broussard made a similar point about Curry being a top 15 player and that he’s approaching the top 10. However, Broussard points out that not many of these top players could say they changed the game as much as Curry.

Remember, Curry came into the league when the three-point shot wasn’t as widespread as it is today. Curry’s ability to know the three with great efficiency throughout his career has been a huge factor in 3-point efficiency rising across the league.

Then again, James is just a rare specimen that doesn’t grow on trees. Not everyone can be 6ft 9in and be able to possess the skills and agility that James has developed over the years. Curry is structured differently. Its size is closer to that of an average human, and anyone can practice three-shot shooting, but not everyone can plan to the brim with power and finish with vigor.

In what might come as a surprise, but not, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson and Curry are the top 3 winning players in NBA playoff history.

The trio were unbeaten throughout their careers in the Conference Finals with a 6-0 record. They hope to improve their final record to 4-2 when they start the championship round next week.

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