Monday, August 8, 2022

Miami Heat related to $76m guard and high-flying forward in proposed deal

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That intense heat went into the off-season expecting to get a star through free agency or through trade. Her name came about as a possible landing for MVP caliber players like Joel Embidand in discussion for both Kevin Durant and Donovan Mitchell Sweepstakes. While waiting for those deals has prevented some other moves by the Heat and most NBA teams, it doesn’t mean the team isn’t having discussions with other teams.

Recently, the GM of the Utah Jazz commented on a potential trade with Mitchell, insisting they have “no intentions” of trading their young superstar. According to recent reports, Mitchell is unlikely to force his way out of Utah. ESPN’s Brian Windhorst reported in the Thursday episode of Stand up that Mitchell’s plan is to “stay” and not try to “force any action now” while the franchise is in transition.

If the Heat misses out on Mitchell, expect them to keep looking for other moves. One of those potential moves could stem from reports that the Heat have already made trade offers for veteran Houston Rockets guard Eric Gordon potential draft night act. What would a potential deal between Heat and Rockets look like for Gordon?

In a July 10th Bleacher Report article Dan Favale further linked the Heat and Gordon in a proposed trade that could change the team’s offseason. The Heat get a pretty good return on the proposed trade while shedding the enormous contract that Duncan Robinson is unlikely to live up to.

Houston receives: Gabe Vincent, Haywood Highsmith, Duncan Robinson, 2027 first-round pick (pending commitment for Oklahoma City; top-10 protection)

Miami receives: Eric Gordon, Kenyon Martin Jr.

First, while Miami ditches the pricey Duncan Robinson contract, it would also give up decent potential in Gabe Vincent, who has proven to be a quality backup point guard for the Heat, as well as Haywood Highsmith, who has the potential to fill the role of PJ Tucker take over for the Heat with a similar style of play.

Miami would get the playmaking and scoring ability from Eric Gordon, who had a poor year last season averaging 13.4 points but shooting 47%. His shooting ability could really be beneficial for the Heat, giving them another player who can create and make their own shots to take some of the pressure off of Butler.

Kenyon Martin Jr. is also an underappreciated prospect involved in the deal. The forward is said to have asked to be traded after facing a smaller role next year. Martin is only 21 years old and has shown lightning potential in his brief NBA career. In 79 games for the Rockets, he averaged 8.8 points and 3.8 rebounds in 21.0 minutes. In June, The Athletic’s Kelly Iko shared that Martin’s “combination of age, athleticism and untapped potential” makes him “attractive” to teams around the NBA.

While Gordon and Martin Jr. might not be the most exciting additions considering they’re under discussion for players like Durant, Mitchell and Embiid, they still fill needs for the Heat. Gordon brings a shoot that would lose the heat if he handled Robinson, but also brings more to the table than Robinson with his build play. KJ Martin is also a pickup who could thrive in Miami with his strength and athleticism, much like Derrick Jones Jr. excelled in Miami. It’s not a flashy trade but could certainly benefit a Miami team that could use goals and size.

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