Sunday, December 5, 2021

Miami Heat GM can’t believe the photo of him went viral on Twitter

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Miami Heat’s general manager Andy Elisburg, who also serves as the team’s senior vice president, is an integral part of the franchise’s front office but remains out of the spotlight unlike President Pat Riley. That is, until the dramatic loss of the Heat to the Denver Nuggets last week.

With just two minutes and 39 seconds left with the Nuggets already a sizeable lead, Nikola Jokic, who is six feet and weighs 284 pounds, approached Markieff Morris to ram his shoulder into the Heat player, while his opponent’s back was turned.

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A stretcher was brought out as it was not known if Morris, 32, could get out of the seat, but luckily he was able to go to the locker room.

After the game, Elisburg also made his way to the locker room to check on the team, knowing his players’ emotions were still high, and to his great surprise, the moment was photographed and then went viral on Twitter.

The now infamous photo, taken by Aaron Ontiveroz of the Denver Post, shows Elisburg, who has worked for the Heat organization since 1988, opening the hall door of the Ball Arena, where most of the Heat’s starting grid was waiting in the hallway, staring in the changing room of the nuggets.

“In situations like this, you want to make sure that everything stays as calm as possible, that everything is left on the ground, that nothing is worse,” says Ira Winderman of Sun Sentinel.

In the photo, Elisburg’s 6-foot-6 frame with an arm blocking the doorway makes it look like a bodyguard holding Kyle Lowry, Bam Adebayo, Dewayne Dedmon and Jimmy Butler back.

To Elisburg’s surprise, he came across the photo the next day, his 54th birthday, which made the rounds not only on Twitter, but also on Reddit, Instagram and Facebook.

“Sure the fact that you have [height] is certainly there, ”said Elisburg. “But I think there is a level of respect you have for the players, regardless of size or size or anything else. They respect that you are out there looking for your best interests and that you are out there looking out for them. “

“It’s not my first security task where I’ve had to try to get in between, and I can do that a little bit.”

After boarding the team flight to Los Angeles, Elisburg received a call that the NBA was investigating the Morris and Jokic altercation

“I looked at the wall clock and it is 5 o’clock,” said Elisburg. But obviously the timing was a bit strange. But that sometimes happens when you’re on the move.

“And around 6am I turned around and said, ‘Let me see what’s on Twitter?’ And I got on Twitter and saw the pictures come up on Twitter and I thought, ‘O … K …’

“Everyone is emotional in these special moments and you just want everyone to calm down somehow,” continued Elisburg. “The picture looked more than it really was. But you just want to make sure that you are trying to protect everyone as best you can.

“In situations like this, when the locker rooms are closer together, it’s probably better to make sure you’re between the different things,” he said. “The picture [angle] was behind me, so nothing had happened at the time that would elicit that anything would come of it. But it’s kind of an open door. “

Last Monday, the NBA announced that 26-year-old Jokic would be banned from playing an unpaid game, an estimated $ 210,417 in lost wages and a fine of $ 50,000 on Morris.

Heat All-Star Jimmy Butler was also fined $ 30,000 for attempting to escalate the argument and an NBA safety interview as part of the review process related to an on-court case. “

The Nuggets travel to South Beach to face the Heat again on November 29th. Heat sniper Duncan Robinson said of the upcoming rematch: “The 29th will definitely be an interesting game.”

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“And around 6am I turned around and said, ‘Let me see what’s on Twitter?’ And I got on Twitter and saw the pictures come up on Twitter and I thought, ‘O … K …’

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