Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Mark Schlereth hopes ‘Garbage’ Broncos change it up against chargers

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The Denver Broncos may arrive rested after their week of farewell, but they have to be ready too. Division rival Los Angeles Chargers arrives in town on Sunday to continue their postseason push. A win would also end the Broncos’ relevance for 2021.

If Denver’s season is to continue meaningfully beyond week 12, the men of Vic Fangio must return to tactics that served them well against the Dallas Cowboys’ equally strong offensive. The Broncos stunned the ‘Boys in Arlington, 30-16, behind a brutal run attack and a violent pass frenzy. Rookie Javonte Williams and veteran back Melvin Gordon crushed the cowboys on the ground and ran 190 yards over them while dominating possession time (41-19 minutes).

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Former Super Bowl winner Bronco and Fox Sports analyst Mark Schlereth believes the Broncos have to knock on the rock if they want a chance on Sunday. Though he has concerns about how plausible that will be when Pat Shurmur is at the helm.

“This offensive staff, this offensive coordinator (Pat Shurmur) can’t wait to stop playing ball,” Schlereth said on November 24th on 104.3 The Fan. “So what do you as a player have to do? You have to be successful every run or you won’t be able to let the ball run because your coach won’t let it and your head coach won’t hold him accountable. These are the things I look at that have to happen for the Broncos to be successful. Do i have faith Little. Could it happen? It could.”

Broncos Country has been run on a roller coaster ride this season, with dominant wins against the Giants, Jets, Jaguars and Cowboys giving hope. Although they have also let themselves down in way too many games this season. Schlereth certainly agrees and pounds the game plan put together by Shurmur and head coach Vic Fangio.

“Every now and then you fall into something where you let the ball go really well and you can’t get out and you win a game against the Dallas Cowboys. And everyone is really excited, and in the next week you fall back into the rhythm of ‘Well, you know what. That didn’t work very well, so let’s just get back to what we do – what is junk. “

Feeding Javonte Williams may be crucial to Denver’s first home win since October 21, but stopping LA quarterback Justin Herbert and his arsenal is just as important. Schlereth extensively praised the Chargers’ guns, which will embarrass the Broncos again at home.

“On the offensive there are several elite players to fight with,” said Schlereth. “Herbert was obviously amazing and he was great last weekend. [Running back Austin] Ekeler is a phenomenal player [and] For me, Keenan Allen is the guy we’ve always had problems with – who’s one of the most underrated players in the league, regardless of his position. You are talking about three great weapons alone.

Keenan Allen isn’t the only wideout they’re struggling with. Young stallion Mike Williams has risen by leaps and bounds, including the winning touchdown against Pittsburgh on Sunday night.

“[Wide receiver] Mike Williams is starting to play better. You will need to find a way to turn off these weapons, stop these crimes, and limit them to some extent. Slater, the boy they drafted at the left tackle, is also an elite player. The key is to turn them off and of course the key we talk about all the time – not to get out of whack. Play with a leash and don’t allow yourself to lose your balance.

Easier said than done, but Schlereth is right. For the Broncos to have a chance at all, they need great attack and defensive skills.

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