Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Malcolm Rodriguez snags another new nickname, big accolade in week 2

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It was quite the career start for Detroit Lions rookie linebacker Malcolm Rodriguez.

Not only did Rodriguez become a household name at Hard Knocks, but he also earned a starting role on the field, playing key snaps for the team. If he’s seen snaps, he’s also looked like one of the better young defenders in football.

In Week 2, Rodriguez received another major accolade for his play, being named Pro Football Focus’s top rookie defender of the week. The Lions tweeted about the honor on Tuesday, September 20.

Hearing Rodriguez as star of the week was impressive for the Lions. During the preseason, Aidan Hutchinson received the site’s credit for his work, proving the Lions may have found a pair of difference makers for the team.

Overall, Rodriguez was rated by the website for his run defense, earning a score of 88.2 for that category as well.

What a solid start to Rodriguez’s career, who seems to be on an upward trend for the Lions at the moment. The more he sees the field, the more moves he can make and the more recognition he generates.

Not only was Rodriguez solid on the field, but so was Hutchinson. The rookie duo has had their best week supporting each other and looks like a formidable duo as a result.

What duo? Maybe a buddy cop duo from 1970s TV. As NFL Network analyst Brian Baldinger tweeted, he’s starting to call the couple Starsky and Hutch in honor of the program and the role the couple plays together.

“When I see this game by Malcolm Rodriguez and Aidan Hutchinson, it reminds me of this TV show Starsky and Hutch” Baldinger says in the clip. “It’s fun to watch. This is a new day in Detroit.”

Rodriguez has been casually nicknamed “Rodrigo” since his Hard Knocks days, but it’s clear he could have a ready-made moniker in “Starsky” with Hutchinson given how the two play off each other.

Whatever the name of the duo, the Lions enjoy having what it takes to be a seemingly fearsome duo in Detroit.

In terms of what he could do on the field, there’s no question Rodriguez was an important stallion for the Lions against the Commanders.

Not only did he have the clean play that Pro Football Focus talked about in his solid grades status, but Rodriguez also managed to stack the tackles and striking plays.

Rodriguez collected a total of 5 duels in the afternoon and was once again everywhere in terms of running support and pass defense. These have been his hallmarks in the league so far and he has drawn attention to them in a big way.

Another impressive feather in the cap for the rookie, and yet another moniker that is sure to draw a rush of attention as it continues to play well when unleashed.

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