Monday, August 8, 2022

LIV Golf boss Norman advised not to compromise at the Ryder Cup

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Former captain Bernard Gallacher believes LIV Golf is undermining the Ryder Cup and fears the organization’s “confrontational” CEO Greg Norman is not the man to negotiate a possible compromise with the incumbent tours.

Players who have resigned from the PGA Tour to join LIV Golf will not be eligible for next year’s Ryder Cup in Rome, while Henrik Stenson has been stripped of his captaincy for signing up for the Saudi-backed breakaway .

Gallacher, who captained Europe in 1991, 1993 and 1995, believes the PGA Tour and DP World Tour can “weather the storm” for now but will be forced to find a compromise if LIV Golf’s virtually bottomless pockets more players are still attractive.

“As more and more money is pumped into LIV Golf, more golfers will join, quite simply,” said Gallacher, Golf Care Ambassador. “The traditional tours will not be able to compete.

“We are now in a difficult situation where great champions are moving to LIV Golf and as such may not be able to defend their crown. It undermines and devalues ​​golf competitions on both sides of the Atlantic.

“If things continue like this, big championships will look very different in the coming years and we have to ask ourselves together whether we really want that.

“A conversation needs to be had and a compromise found, but I’m not entirely convinced that Greg Norman is the man to have that conversation.

“I think some see him as quite a confrontational character and you can see why.

“I have known Greg for many years and have played with him several times. He is a very ambitious savvy businessman but I think he always had an alternative vision for golf which has now been realized in the form of LIV.

“Greg has a very upbeat personality. His whole demeanor doesn’t lend itself to having a lot of friends, but we know he doesn’t mind that much.

“For me, there has to be someone accessible to the PGA and European Tours for it to work; Greg Norman is not that person.

“He’s knocked over the apple cart and already ruffled a few feathers, and LIV Golf is still in its infancy. It’s only going to get worse.”

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