Friday, May 6, 2022

Lions received identical solid marks for a pair of 1st round picks

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The Detroit Lions had one of the boldest nights of any team in the 2022 NFL draft, potentially enlisting a few players who can play a big part in the turnaround.

In Aidan Hutchinson at defense and Jameson Williams at full-back, the Lions have landed two players who many scouts believe are among the best of the best for their positions in the draft. The tandem could mean a lot for Detroit’s rebuilding, and that’s exactly what some of the analysts see.

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After the first round of the NFL draft was played, Bleacher Report and author Brent Sobleski took a look at each pick’s ranking. Detroit had a pair in the top 15 after a big tradeup, and both were rated very favorably by Moton in the article in terms of early returns.

Starting with Hutchinson, Sobleski rated the move for Detroit a B+ and said the team did well to bring in the local star who can fill a huge need on defense. However, if there was a reason the move didn’t get a higher grade, it could be because, in Sobleski’s words, Hutchinson may not be able to get a higher grade.

“What is Hutchinson’s ultimate advantage? That question is what takes this pick from a slamdunk-A to just outside of that range, as Hutchinson may never develop into one of the league’s elite pass rushers. But he’s exactly what the Lions need,” Sobleski wrote.

For Williams, the stunning trade up helped the Lions find a player who can electrify their offense, which is why the Lions received a B+ on the move.

“Williams is tilting the field like no other wide receiver prospect in the class. His aforementioned speed affects everything offensively and how opposing defenses have to accommodate him at all times,” admitted Sobleski.

Overall, these are two B+ grades, giving the Lions a comfortable B+ average from the Bleacher Report for the second and third rounds. Right off the bat there could be more defense for the lions and maybe a surprise or two.

It’s no surprise that Hutchinson has a great result. As for Hutchinson, several Lions fans are also likely to know what he’s capable of given his Michigan career, and the defensive end has already put up some solid numbers at school. Earlier this season, Hutchinson accumulated 94 tackles, 3.5 sacks and 3 forced fumbles. Here is some of his past work:

This year his work was even better. Hutchinson put together an excellent regular season with 14 sacks, 58 tackles and 2 forced fumbles. He looked like one of the best defensemen in college football in the second half of the season and has been a problem for every team that has faced him so far.

Hutchinson joining the Lions is special to the legions of fans who also support Michigan. There’s a big chance he could end up being something special, and the tape features a player who can pose as a big stud.

It might not be as difficult to declare Williams one of the top players in the NFL draft as Simms did. In college he showed a knack for speed and the big game. Williams, a big Ohio State transfer, came to the Crimson Tide after 266 yards and 3 touchdowns and set the SEC on fire in 2021. Williams rushed for 1,572 yards and 15 points on his way to becoming one of the best players in college football. An ACL injury in the National Title game hurt Williams’ chances of finishing in the top five, but there would have been a chance if it hadn’t been for that. The tape shows a fast player who has afterburners:

With both Williams and Hutchinson, the Lions have found solid picks that they hope will carry well to the next level. First grade indications show that this could be the case.

CONTINUE READING: Aidan Hutchinson is hailed as a “value pick” for Lions

CONTINUE READING: Aidan Hutchinson is hailed as a “value pick” for Lions

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