Sunday, June 26, 2022

Lions Pro Bowl lineman slated for another breakout in 2022

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The Detroit Lions already look like they’ve found some stars for their offensive line, but it’s possible a new stallion could emerge from the pack to become the best of the bunch.

In terms of which players should make such a leap, it’s hard to find people who would pick names outside of the lexicon of Frank Ragnow, Penei Sewell or Taylor Decker, but one analyst has pushed for a new name for the stud starting in 2022 front in Detroit.

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Guard Jonah Jackson has already had a season in which he reached the Pro Bowl and looked phenomenal in Detroit. But Pro Football Focus predicts an even bigger explosion for Jackson in 2022 and has identified him as a new breakout candidate to watch.

Author Michael Renner has compiled a list of 10 players primed for a 2022 breakout season. Jackson ended up fourth on the list, and that was in large part due to the consistency and bite he’s shown so far in the league.

“Jackson has played over 1,000 snaps in each of his first two seasons – a great insight into his career development so far. We saw it well in his review profile as he earned an overall score of 74.5 as of week 7 in 2021. Over the course of an entire season, that number would have reached 12th place among all starting supervisors. He is now holed up at left flank alongside veteran Taylor Decker for the entire season and expects Jackson to be on the Pro Bowl talk at the end of the year,” Renner wrote in the article for Jackson.

Seems expected to be a part of the Pro Bowl conversation given that it played out last year, so Jackson could theoretically take it a step further and chime in on the All-Pro discussion as well if things go for the best.

Many might not think of Jackson as a candidate to let go, but it might be time to take him seriously.

While many appreciate his talent, it’s true that Jackson was a little underrated even with the Lions early in his career. He was a Pro Bowler for the 2021-22 season. He was a solid anchor for a young Detroit line, but he could also be one of the most underrated players in the NFL. So says Cynthia Frelund of

The numbers analyst took a closer look at picking the most underrated player in each roster via what she calls a “context-based model”. When the trial was complete, Jackson was the pick for Detroit.

As Frelund wrote, “Computer vision shows Jackson’s run-blocking improved significantly over the season, while his pass-blocking was drastically better as the Lions were able to use more balanced game calls (not just the pass). “

Finding more of that balance could be the key to earning Jackson more recognition for 2022 and beyond.

Underestimated or not, the facts don’t lie about where Jackson could go for the team. He played in the Pro Bowl last season, and while he didn’t pick up any other major honors, that doesn’t change the fact that Jackson has been a strong player for the Lions since joining the team. Perhaps most importantly, Jackson started 16 games as a rookie and was a liability at the top for the Lions given his ability to play solid football. It’s not often that the Lions have a young lineman capable of playing a starting role right off the bat without looking out of place in the league, but that’s exactly what Jackson did as a rookie last season team introduced.

While a freshman out of Ohio State, Jackson displayed the kind of tenacity and determination that could make him a fixture in the NFL and keep him as a senior starter.

As we head into 2022, there will be much thought as to which Lions might be best prepared to break out. Keep Jackson’s name at the top of the list in this analysis.

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As we head into 2022, there will be much thought as to which Lions might be best prepared to break out. Keep Jackson’s name at the top of the list in this analysis.

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