Sunday, June 26, 2022

Lions Offseason Earns Amazing Final Score From Pro Football Focus

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The Detroit Lions have been working hard over the past few months to reshape their franchise’s image ahead of 2022, and it seems like their hard work has paid off in big ways.

Suddenly, the Lions look like a franchise that’s started to turn a new leaf, and that’s reflected in some of the praise that’s come into focus after Detroit’s offseason.

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Recently, Pro Football Focus and author Sam Monson took a look at how each team’s off-season ranks. Interestingly, the Lions received one of the highest marks of any in the NFL. They took home an A- from the site for their work to date in 2022, and the site gave Detroit an “above average” offseason that comes with an A+ in the draft. It all adds up to a very elite touch for Brad Holmes and co.

The only caveat Monson had was that Detroit wasn’t chasing a quarterback, however, as he wrote, “In the multi-year remodeling project they’ve undertaken, there’s no guarantee it was ever planned at this point, as it always would have been planned.” can be in year 3 when everything else is already in place.”

Otherwise, Monson liked Detroit’s move to bring DJ Chark and Jameson Williams on offense from the wideouts along with potential defensive cornerstone Aidan Hutchinson. Add it up and it’s a big mark for Detroit this offseason, who needed a tough 3-13-1 finish last year.

Overall, this is good news for the Lions as it relates to their future and could set the team up for future damage if all goes according to plan.

Detroit’s work started early, beginning with the signing of several internal free agents. Before free agency took off and peaked, the Lions had brought back names like wideouts Kalif Raymond and Josh Reynolds, safety Tracy Walker, defenseman Charles Harris and linebacker Alex Anzalone. In terms of outside spending, Detroit didn’t do much, adding DJ Chark on offense and linebackers Chris Board and Jarrad Davis, safety DeShon Elliott, and cornerback Mike Hughes. All are underrated players who could fly under the radar for the Lions in 2022.

When the draft came up, the Lions stuck to the plan too. They’ve got lucky enough to land Michigan’s powerful Aidan Hutchinson, who will be a good slam dunk for defense. The Lions then traded for full-back Jameson Williams, who was supposed to add a dynamic element to their offense. Day two brought further defensive help to the team with the bold and elegant Josh Paschal. Super athletic safetyman Kirby Joseph ended the day on lap three and should quickly be in contention for a role as a needy defender at the Motor City. On day three, the Lions added James Mitchell, a tight end from Virginia Tech, Malcolm Rodriguez, an Oklahoma State linebacker, and James Houston, a Jackson State linebacker. Chase Lucas, a cornerback from Arizona State, was the team’s final pick.

Overall, this offseason seemed to fill many of the Lions’ needs in a very powerful way. So it’s no surprise that Brad Holmes’ work figures prominently in PFF’s analytical thinking.

Seeing the intelligent approach of the Lions has made many believers nationwide. While the Lions haven’t added a primetime game to their 2022 schedule and haven’t seen much hype surrounding them in a new season, the notion is that the team will turn over a leaf and start doing something to win. PFF wasn’t the only place to praise Detroit for what they’ve done so far. ESPN’s Mina Kimes recently praised the Lions’ leadership, and former general manager Mike Tannenbaum loved her draft class.

Obviously, the more work Detroit does and the better it starts to pay off on the field, the more they could look like a team to deal with going forward. After the 2022 offseason, some might say that will happen very quickly.

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