Sunday, November 27, 2022

Lions bring a special moment to the Zylstra family with a grand gesture

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The Detroit Lions already have a group of brothers who play for them, but when one is good, the other is better.

After a weekend promotion to the roster, Shane Zylstra and Brandon Zylstra found themselves in position to take an impressive first place. The duo managed to get on the field for the same amount of time and play in the same game together for the first time in their careers.

While Brandon didn’t get a chance to consistently impress as much, he did take the opening shot for a solid 19 yards. Shane, on the other hand, had a huge touchdown in the first half to initiate the goal for the Lions.

After the game, the brothers posed with their Lions jerseys in a nod to the achievement of coming onto the field at the same time in Week 9:

After the game, Brandon posted about the special day and said he was very grateful that things went the way they did.

“Humble and grateful,” he said tweeted in reference to the moment.

No matter what comes next for this duo in their careers, they will always have the images of that moment forever. This is special for both the Lions and the brothers.

Early in the game, the Lions managed a crucial touchdown from Shane Zylstra, who was activated for Sunday’s game and called on to play in the close end. Zylstra managed to open wide in the end zone and make a play.

Here’s a look at what he was able to do:

While the Lions didn’t do much offensively that day, being able to get that early result from Zylstra helped kick things off for the team. It set the tone and broke the ice in a moment the team needed it most.

If Zylstra can keep showing his nose for being so outspoken, the Lions may have no choice but to show him.

Does Shane Zylstra have a chance to make the squad? It’s hard to say at this point, but he’s got some solid numbers to count on to maybe get him there.

While playing for Minnesota State, Zylstra was an excellent pass catcher with 227 receptions, 4,297 yards and 54 touchdowns, all of which were school records. Here’s a look at a large piece:

In the NFL, Zylstra didn’t see much tenure prior to this season but made the Lions roster in late 2021, catching three passes for 34 yards on seven goals in four games. He was injured late in the season but is healthy now and has been shooting for more since he showed up at camp.

Zylstra has the pedigree, the talent and the mindset. Now it only remains to be seen if it will pay off in a consistently important role for the team in 2022 and if his brother sticks around to help as well.

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