Monday, November 29, 2021

Lie about sex? Serious allegations against Iran’s soccer women

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The national teams of women from Iran and Jordan rarely come into the focus of the global public. But after an international match, Jordan accuses its opponent of cheating.

The “Women’s Asia Cup” is the Asian counterpart to the European Women’s Football Championship. Iran will also be there in 2022. Even almost two months after qualifying, there is still unrest. Because qualifying opponents Jordan doubts that only women really played in Iran’s women’s team.

In September, both teams beat Bangladesh 5-0. In a direct duel, Iran prevailed on penalties. Jordan then expressed its doubts for the first time. Ali Al Hussein, president of the Jordanian Football Association, called on the AFC (Continental Association of Asia) to carry out a gender check.

The AFC apparently rejected this and pointed out that this is not mandatory. The Jordanian Football Association has now spoken out in a letter to the AFC. Al Hussein shared the letter on Twitter. Secretary-General Samar Nassar pointed out that measures are possible if there is a lack of eligibility. He therefore called for an independent investigation, “especially if the women’s national team of Iran has a history of gender and doping problems.”

What Nassar thinks: In 2015 there were eight cases of men playing for the women’s team. The fact that the Iranian team played with a hijab, long-sleeved jerseys and shorts with leggings made it possible to conceal the true gender of the players.

The Jordanian Association now also suspects this in the current case. The AFC has not yet responded to Jordan’s statement. As of now, Iran will take part in the “Women’s Asia Cup” next year.

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