Saturday, May 7, 2022

Lewis Hamilton is poised to miss the Miami GP after wearing lots of jewelry amid the FIA ​​crisis

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Hamilton wore three watches, four necklaces and a ring on each finger at his Miami press conference, where he insisted the FIA ​​had “bigger fish to fry”.

“I couldn’t wear jewelry today,” Hamilton said when addressing the media ahead of the first practice session.

Lewis Hamilton, embroiled in a standoff with the FIA, upped the ante on Friday as he wore every piece of jewelry he could find ahead of the weekend’s action in Miami.

New FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem has seemingly made banning jewelry one of his top priorities, with the matter coming to light ahead of the Australian Grand Prix where Hamilton insisted he could not even remove some items, stressing , his right ear had to be “chopped off”. since his ear holes are “welded in”.

The ban has since been ordered and the controls will now form part of the FIA’s pre-race scrutineering – starting with the Miami Grand Prix.

Where this leaves Hamilton remains to be seen, but a dead end seems likely after the Mercedes driver insisted – while donning three watches, four necklaces and a ring on each finger – he would rather miss Sunday’s GP than remove his jewellery .

“If they stop me, then so be it,” he said. “We have a backup driver. So we are well prepared for the weekend. There’s a lot to do in the city anyway, so it’ll be good either way.”

Hamilton added that he would speak to Ben Sulayem but said the sport’s governing body has “bigger fish to fry”.

“It’s almost like it’s a step backwards when you think about the steps we’re taking as a sport and the more important issues and causes we need to focus on,” he added.

“We’ve made so much progress in the sport. We’re in Miami and it’s such a small thing. I’ve been in sports for 16 years and have been wearing jewelry for 16 years. In the car I only wear my earrings and my nose ring, which I can’t even take off.

“It seems unnecessary for us to get into this argument, so I will try to communicate and work with Mohammed. I’m here to be an ally of sport, Mohammed and Formula 1. And we have bigger fish to fry, bigger things to do and more impact to make, and that should be the focus.”

Hamilton also expressed frustration that jewelry “has never historically been a safety issue” while he is poised to sign a waiver that would absolve the FIA ​​from responsibility should his jewelry ever lead to a safety issue .

“It’s about individuality and being who you are,” he added. “I tried to call Mohammed this morning. I sent him a message just to reassure him that I want to be an ally and I don’t want to argue with you guys about this. That’s very, very silly. I haven’t heard an answer yet, but I’ll try to speak to him before the race.”

The mandate also extends to checking underwear and while Pierre Gasly joked last month that they can check “everything”, Daniel Ricciardo added: “That was the first time I heard about fireproof underwear.

“Of course we wear the leggings, if you want to call it that, but we don’t have real underwear that’s fireproof, so that was more of a surprise. I had never heard of it.

“If it helps to make us a little safer in these situations, then of course I’ll invest in something. But I don’t think they do it.”

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