Monday, October 25, 2021

LeBron James Reveals Brutally Honest Answer To New Big 3: “It Will Take A Minute”

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Since the Los Angeles Lakers took over Russell Westbrook, the focus has continued to be on his fit alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis. The intertwined game between the trio will serve as an anchor in determining the Lakers’ NBA title chances in this upcoming campaign. As the preseason draws to a close, James shared his honest assessment of the team’s newly formed Big 3.


In the first five preseason games, it was a massive adjustment for the Lakers’ revamped roster.


Much of the focus remains on the team’s Big 3 after they played together for the first time on Tuesday night. The trio showed promising lightning bolts, such as Russell Westbrook finding James in transition for a fastbreak layup. Meanwhile, Davis shows with his solid offensive performances that he has physically survived his injuries from last season.


It has also become very apparent that the transition is steep for Westbrook as he tries to blend his style of play with James and Davis. The Star Point Guard is working to find their spots to contribute, resulting in them making a large number of mistakes while making a third straight game with at least five turnovers.


As the Lakers move towards final preseason action ahead of the season opener, James honestly rated the team’s Big 3.


The Lakers are well aware of the overwhelming focus on their Big 3’s game.


After playing their first game together in preseason action, James gave his honest early assessment of the team’s star trio.


“It will be a minute before we become the team we know we will be,” James said of MSN. “So it’s just about getting through the process, being patient with the process, and understanding that we’re going to have frustrating moments. We’ll have moments when we’re not quite right.


“We might take a step back. But that’s all part of … I think nothing is worth having if it’s not worth working for, and I think we’ll get some moments when we feel like we’re right on target be, but we are not quite there yet. ”


James speaks from experience when he went through similar adjustment periods when playing alongside other ball-dominant star players. The four-time league MVP successfully changed his approach to playing with Dwyane Wade at the Miami Heat and Kyrie Irving during his second appearance with the Cleveland Cavaliers.


Westbrook’s fast-paced style of play is a significant change for James and the rest of the team. Only Carmelo Anthony has experience with the Star Guard from his one year stint with the Oklahoma City Thunder.


The Lakers will have tough times with frustration boiling over, but it is the ultimate goal commitment that must remain firm.


While it’s only preseason action, spending time together on the floor remains crucial.


Head coach Frank Vogel has the demanding task of putting together the right system and rotations. The Big 3 will no doubt anchor their NBA title chances, but it’s a lot more than that. It’s a new group of talent outside of James, Davis, Talen Horton-Tucker, Dwight Howard and Rajon Rondo.


Players will continue to show that they have the right mindset, but other sacrifices will be required. It has to show that they put their ego aside while playing for the good of the team. The transition process will not go smoothly as the Lakers will experience difficult sections, but the end goal will remain prominently up front.


“It could take the whole year to really be at our best, and ideally we are then at our best – into the playoffs,” Vogel said of ESPN. “But we have the mindset to start right away and get out of the gates as best we can when things click.


“But it’s reasonable to assume that there will be some bumpy nights at the beginning of the season, but we had the expectation two years ago and we jumped pretty hard. We hope so. ”


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