Monday, November 29, 2021

Lamar Jackson explains the side effect of losing dolphins

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The Baltimore Ravens showed their worst offensive performance against the Miami Dolphins on Thursday night with Lamar Jackson in the center, scoring just 10 points against an onslaught of lightning.

Jackson was visibly frustrated while playing on the field and kept slamming the ball on the lawn after failed games. Cameras caught the 2019 MVP calling rookie wide receiver Rashod Bateman and game specialist Keith Williams on the sidelines.

It’s unclear what Jackson said to Bateman, but the rookie seemed to agree with his quarterback and replied, “Yes, thanks!”

The Ravens struggled to adjust to the aggressive defense of the Dolphins, who flashed Jackson on 30 of his 50 dropbacks and built 24 pressures per Pro Football Focus.

Reporters asked Jackson about his post-game sideline breakout, which was a stark contrast to some of his earlier Highlights on the edge.

“I was attractive! We didn’t get any points,” he explained, adding, “I have a feeling that our defenses have left the light out.”

Baltimore’s defense kept the Dolphins down to just six points in the first half and allowed only one touchdown in the entire game. They were particularly effective against the barrel, limiting the dolphins to only 60 yards in 22 carries, which was a miserable 2.7 yards per carry. While the Ravens allowed Jacoby Brissett and Tua Tagovailoa to combine through the air for more than 300 yards, they recorded four sacks and a total of 34 quarterback pressures in one formidable night for the pass rush.

“We just couldn’t do it on the offensive. That’s why I was crazy, ”said Jackson, who led the Ravens to a season low of 304 yards on Thursday night.

“If you were on the offensive, you’d be mad too!” He added with a chuckle.

It seemed like Jackson would not let the defeat overwhelm him, and he kept emphasizing that “the Dolphins played a great game.”

The Ravens may look surprised at the Dolphins’ lightning-heavy strategy, but the players and coaches insisted after the game that they had a plan.

“We have already seen it. We’ve been practicing all week, “said Jackson,” we need to better fix this, get this under control. “

Head coach John Harbaugh had a similar answer, but he always took full responsibility for the disappointing defeat.

A reporter asked Jackson if Harbaugh had fallen on his sword, but the former Louisville Cardinal dodged the question, saying only that he “didn’t point a finger”.

But Jackson will certainly have to work with offensive coordinator Greg Roman to find answers to Cover 0 lightning bolts. Many fans and analysts identified Roman as the main culprit in Baltimore’s offensive collapse on Thursday, and his job is now to work out the team’s response. Jackson will also have input; his breakouts on the sideline and post-game comments suggest he has ideas on how to fight lightning.

When asked how the Ravens offensive might recover, Jackson replied, “Play our game. Do us. “

Rather than shouting Lightning Bats in the huddle, Jackson often had to be audible on the line of scrimmage, which kept the Ravens from their usual offensive game plan. You’ll likely be much better prepared to deal with the pressure with the Chicago Bears for the next week.

Jackson knows there is a lot to be done, but he’s not setting the alarm bells off just yet, saying: “There are still a lot of games left in the season. We are good. “

When asked how the Ravens offensive might recover, Jackson replied, “Play our game. Do us. “

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