Sunday, August 7, 2022

Kyrie Irving opens up about the future of the NBA amid trade rumours

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That Brooklyn Networks and Kyrie Irving had a wild summer together. First was their contract negotiations, which Irving messed up after the networks ended not ready to grant the star point guard a long-term extension for being unreliable and missing games due to his stance on the COVID-19 vaccine. Because of this, Irving threatened to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers and reunite with LeBron James just a mid-level $6 million expansion Leave millions on the table. These rumors were likely only for leverage, and Irving finally settled on the final year of his contract with the Nets. It was recently reported that the Nets are so done with Irving and the drama surrounding him that they might try practicing that Stretch and Waive Determination for the all-star guard.

With the future of Irving and the Brooklyn Nets in a very uncertain state, the Nets guard recently took to Twitter to speculate on his NBA future.

Irving took to Twitter on July 29 and responded to the praise Eddie Gonzalez shared in a tweet saying that Irving has the “best offhand” of any NBA player of all time. Irving followed that with a Video by Kobe Bryant, who praised him. A Twitter used quote tweeted Kyrie’s tweet, which reads, “Gassing yourself like that is crazy, but I would do the same, tbh.” To which Irving defended himself with the following words.

“I never have to fill up. I’m going into my 12th year in the best league in the world and I’m getting better and better. When I’m 38 and have time to really think about my career I will, but until then I’m enjoying every moment. A11Straight” Irving tweeted.

After explaining how he envisions his career at the age of 38, Irving clarified that he still expects to be playing at that age.

“And no I won’t be done playing basketball by the time I’m 38 lol I’ll play in leagues all over the world and teach the youth everything I’ve been taught.” Irving shared.

Not only will he still be playing at that age, but Irving reckons he will continue to make an impact as football’s ambassador around the world.

While Irving expects to play abroad at some point in his career, he currently cannot anticipate where he will play next season. Marc Stein shared in his recent column that the Los Angeles Lakers continue to pursue the all-star point guard.

“The Los Angeles Lakers are still hoping to find a way to win over Durant’s teammate Kyrie Irving.” stone wrote.

He also opened up about LeBron James and his feelings at a reunion with Kyrie Irving in Los Angeles.

“As it stands Ham Westbrook will need to train unless a trade to ship Westbrook suddenly coming together after weeks of unsuccessful talks will be extremely challenging as Westbrook is aware the Lakers have been trying hard, to move him. And that James is desperate for Irving to take his place,” Stein continued.

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