Monday, November 29, 2021

Kyle Busch & wife Samantha are expecting their second child

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Brexton Busch becomes a big brother. Kyle Busch and his wife Samantha have announced that they will give birth to a second child in May 2022 through a pregnancy carrier.

No. 18 driver Joe Gibbs Racing Toyota posted an announcement video on Twitter on Tuesday November 16. He and Samantha led Brexton to a field with a blanket next to a huge array of balloons. They told their son that they had a present for him. Brexton opened a box and pulled out a lime and a series of ultrasound photos. Then he ran across the field with a flare that emitted pink smoke.

Samantha stated on Instagram that the lime should represent her daughter’s height at the time of the ultrasound scans. Though she said her daughter has now grown to the size of an apple.

“We are very happy to announce that our baby will be joining our family in May 2022 via a pregnancy carrier !!!!” Samantha wrote on Instagram. “Some of the best things in life come after grief and prayers. We dreamed of making Brexton a big brother that day and sharing the exciting news with him FINALLY was one of the most special moments in life.

“Thanks to everyone who supported us on our way and who didn’t give up hope like we didn’t,” Samantha continued. “We are so immensely grateful that we have the greatest GC to help us complete our family. We are forever humble and grateful to you and all of you who have sent us so many encouraging messages over the years. “

The announcement of pregnancy is a big moment for the Busch family. You have struggled with long-term fertility battles and have remained very open to the issue. The reason for this is because they struggled to normalize infertility discussions and help other couples deal with similar situations.

Samantha announced on October 2, 2018 that she and Busch would undergo in vitro fertilization, the process of fertilizing eggs with sperm outside the body to give Brexton a sibling. They posted updates on social media to take other couples on the trip and eventually posted a gender reveal video on November 22, 2018. However, Samantha announced on November 30 that she had miscarried.

The couple tried IVF again in 2019, but embryo transfer did not result in pregnancy. They then attempted a surrogate motherhood, but the surrogate mother did not become pregnant. They tried IVF again in early 2021 but were unsuccessful.

Samantha shared about all of these attempts to help other couples battling infertility. Now she has the opportunity to celebrate the upcoming birth of her first daughter.

While Samantha gave a firsthand look at her struggles with infertility, she also spent a lot of time writing her first book. She wrote “Fighting Infertility” to help women ignite their inner warriors as they deal with similar situations. Samantha published the book on March 30, 2021 and received immediate feedback.

“My goal was to share my experiences in order to normalize infertility and miscarriages and what she does on a physical, mental and emotional level with women and couples,” said Samantha on October 26th on Instagram strongly, or use it as a tool to raise yourself and your loved ones humiliate me every day. ”⁠

Along with the release of Fighting Infertility, the couple previously formed the Samantha and Kyle Busch Bundle of Joy Fund to promote fertility education and awareness. They used the Bundle of Joy Fund to provide cash rewards to couples in need of fertility treatment, thereby removing the financial burden. The Samantha and Kyle Busch Bundle of Joy Fund raised $ 985,000 and supported the birth of 46 babies, with more on the way.

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