Saturday, January 14, 2023

Knicks’ Mitchell Robinson a potential trade target for the title contender

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During his five-year NBA career, New York Knicks Big Man Mitchell Robinson has established himself as an amazingly effective rim-runner who can make an impact on both sides of the court.

With his tremendous combination of athleticism and defensive instincts, the 24-year-old has become a dominant young center when caught on the ground, and following his decision to rejoin the franchise last offseason, he is set to fill center for the knickerbockers for the long haul.

Though the center has a four-year commitment with the Knicks, that hasn’t stopped people from discussing the possibility that he could be a potential target for opposing ball clubs.

Just recently, an anonymous Eastern Conference executive went so far as to tell Heavy Sports NBA insider Sean Deveney that Robinson could be a player the Boston Celtics could consider should they make the hugely impactful, albeit often injured Robert Williams should leave III.

“Williams fits so well into this team when he’s healthy, I can’t imagine them moving. But when you get to a point where this guy isn’t healthy anymore, you need to look for a new fit. You’d want a guy who could defend first and step in on offense, and a guy like Mitchell Robinson in New York would be an interesting guy there,” the manager told Deveney.

The intrigue of such an acquisition for the reigning Eastern Conference champions makes a lot of sense given that, like Williams, Robinson is an incredibly athletic center who’s a small but highly efficient goalscorer (a career 8.3 points per goalscorer). shoots 71.9% from the floor) and is a menacing defensive presence averaging 2.0 blocks per game and a career defensive rating of 106.

However, despite his suspected seamless fit at Boston, it seems unlikely, as the executive explained, that the Celtics will be looking for a replacement for their 25-year-old Big Ben, assuming he can find lasting health should that prove not to be the case If so, the Knicks may get a call from their longtime division rivals.

That executive statement isn’t the only recent rumble over the center position for the Knicks, as Yahoo Sports senior NBA reporter Jake Fischer said in a Dec. 12 article a deal for Indiana Pacers center Myles Turner should himself the two parties are at odds with in their ongoing contract negotiations.

An eight-year NBA veteran, the 26-year-old has proven to be one of the most menacing shot blockers in the federation, boasting a career average of 2.3 blocks per game and a whopping 6.9 block percentage.

In the midst of a career year, Turner notes that he has a great stats line-up of 17.0 points, 7.9 rebounds, 1.5 assists, and 2.3 blocks per contest per game, on 55.2% shots from the ground and 37, 9% shots from deep.

In his report, Fischer would note that the Knicks could use their “hoard of draft capital” to trick Indiana into parting ways with the big man if Leon Rose and his company try to jump on a deal, even though he ultimately declaring that despite its potential interest, Mitchell Robinson’s latest play “could undo any attempt by New York to upgrade its forecourt”.

In 34 games in 2022-23, Robinson averaged 7.5 points, 9.0 rebounds and 1.7 blocks per game on 69.4% shots from the field and is also second in the NBA at 4.3 per night on offensive rebounds.

While Myles Turner may not be an option for the Knicks, that doesn’t mean the two ball clubs can’t yet prove viable trading partners this season, as reports have already surfaced suggesting Indiana and New York were on a deal in touch for the third year power forward Obi Toppin.

During a meeting with Heavy Sports NBA insider Sean Deveney earlier this month, an anonymous Eastern Conference executive reported that the Knicks have been in trade talks with the Pacers involving the former lottery winner, and in their eyes could be himself such a move would prove to be very beneficial for the likes of Toppin.

“There was some talk between the Pacers and Knicks about Obi (Toppin). He fits in Indiana, especially if they keep Turner. Obi is a rim runner, he has some toughness, he has athletics. He needs minutes and a team that’s rebuilding with young talent like Indy is a really good fit,” the manager told Deveney.

The executive would go ahead and state that the Pacers have additional first-round players available, which given many already believe the Knicks have picks in store, could bode well that a potential deal is eventually executed.

The executive would go ahead and state that the Pacers have additional first-round players available, which given many already believe the Knicks have picks in store, could bode well that a potential deal is eventually executed.

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