Saturday, January 21, 2023

Knicks Insider Reveals Shocking Asking Price For Cam Reddish & Likely Suitors

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It’s been a little over a year since the New York Knicks sent big man Kevin Knox and a first-round pick for the Atlanta Hawks for Cam Reddish. And to say it’s been a strange and wild ride for the former No. 10 overall would be putting it mildly.

The front office must have had high hopes for Reddish if they were willing to part with the election to get him. But obviously Tom Thibodeau didn’t share their enthusiasm — nor did he seem to care much about the price paid to bring him to NYC, since he never gave the baller a real shot at a rotational spot last season.

As the 2022/23 season rolled around, there was early hope that something had been figured out – that the trade investment might actually pay off. Instead, Thibs eventually employed the kemba-walker strategy, benching Reddish after a poor nine-minute stint during a loss to the Mavs in early December.

According to a Knicks insider, team president Leon Rose is now ready to ditch the 23-year-old for a bargain price before the NBA trade deadline.

SportsNet New York’s Ian Begley updated the Reddish situation on Friday, and according to his sources, the Knicks are looking back far less in a trade for the former Hawk than they sent out to get him last season.

Begley wrote, “It’s worth noting that teams in contact with the Knicks say they are seeking a second-round pick in exchange for Reddish in a trade.”

Given the advantages Reddish likely still has as a young, athletic wing and ex-Lotto guy with a 7ft 1 wingspan, 6ft 7 body and 215lb body weight, there’s probably no shortage of teams that are willing to take a flyer on him. However, Begley could only confirm who three of them are.

“Several teams have been monitoring Reddish’s situation in New York since last season. The Heat, Bucks and Lakers are among teams who have reached out to the Knicks to discuss Reddish since the 2022 NBA trade deadline,” Begley wrote.

Begley noted that the aforementioned clubs and others have likely been investigating Reddish recently. However, one of them received a special mention from the Knicks insider.

“Team staff in Miami are intrigued by the 23-year-old,” said Begley.

Coincidentally, the Heat could be a team more motivated to play for Reddish. Given the team’s bloated cap/tax situation and lack of draft assets, chief decision maker Pat Riley has some serious hurdles when it comes to attracting high quality players. Getting a player like Reddish for a pick or two in the second round would be the loophole.

In any case, the Knicks aren’t going to give him up if they can help it.

“It’s logical to assume that the Knicks would try to get as much as possible from any Reddish deal, whether the trade ships Reddish alone or as part of a package from the Knicks,” Begley wrote. “But they have been in discussions with teams about taking back a prospective second-rounder in deals that only involve Reddish.”

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