Sunday, October 2, 2022

Knicks fans slam Julius Randle after viral video

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It’s no secret that Julius Randle had a season of ups and downs for the New York Knicks last year, and he even came into contact with fans once or twice.

It’s been a disappointing season overall for the Knicks, so much of that can be forgiven if things change. Jalen Brunson’s signing is a step in the right direction, but his presence alone won’t be enough for New York to reach the playoffs.

Randle is among the strongest players in the league, but he often finds himself shooting floaters or running out to the three-point line when many fans believe he can be more dominant off the post.

While that could very well be the case, it doesn’t look like fans will be granted their wish by seeing a recent training video.

A video of Randle training, Posted by ClutchPoints, shows Randle performing some of his moves, including a one-legged three-pointer at the beginning of the video. It’s hard to imagine trying such a shot in a real game, but seeing him practice it was hard for some fans.

I think we can all agree that we never want to see this one-legged threesome….wrote one person.

It’s not uncommon for players to hit shots that we’ll never see in a regular game, but they always manage to go viral. Then-Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond was often seen working on moves during the offseason, such as three-pointers, and fans were even treated to one during the season.

In Randle’s case, there’s a better chance we’ll see exterior shots of him because he’s not afraid to do them. While he might be better suited elsewhere, there’s not much fans can do other than express their disappointment.

“Nothing deep down, all the jumps, what a waste”, noticed another person.

Randle is just one season away from All-Star nomination, so there’s a chance he’ll find his form again and pick up more accolades.

Randle’s contract is ballooning this season as his four-year extension begins, meaning he’s now one of the team’s highest-paid players and becoming harder to trade if the Knicks wanted it.

For the Knicks, they’d rather see Randle get back into shape, and it’s not out of the realm of possibility for him to do so. He still fielded 20/10/5 numbers last season but the problem was his efficiency. If he took fewer shots like the ones we saw in the video and more of the post then those numbers could go up.

Having Brunson in the lineup would certainly help because he would take on a playmaking role for the team and that would keep the ball out of Randle’s hands. The problem is that Randle sees himself as the primary playmaker, and that’s something he’s been doing for the Knicks for a while. Taking the ball out of his hands could be difficult, but it could also be better for the team’s overall success.

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