Sunday, October 17, 2021

KhaDarel Hodge urges Lions Wideouts to step up: “It’s up to us”

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Every team in the league talks about having a mantra in a given season, but few teams can say they used it more often than the Detroit Lions in 2021.

The Lions are again forced to add new players to the mix due to catastrophic injuries and continue to reach the limits of their depths table this season. That will happen again this week as Wideouts must find a way to make up for the unfortunate loss of Quintez Cephus.

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One of those wideouts is KhaDarel Hodge, who signed waivers and has only been with the Lions for more than a month. Now the pressure is on Hodge to make plays, given all that has happened in relation to injuries above him on the depth chart.

In an interview with the media on Wednesday October 13th, in an interview on, Hodge spoke of his opportunity and, as he said, he is ready to enjoy the chance to see more game time and make things happen .

“I’m very excited. That’s why I came here. I wanted to prove that I’m not just a special team player and can play games. Now it’s up to me to step up and show what I can,” said Hodge towards the media.

Hodge doesn’t have a lot of experience in the league so far, but he doesn’t mind now given the opportunity he has. As he explained, it doesn’t matter what other outsiders think of the group, it all comes from the motivation they bring to get the job done.

It is up to us. We have to go out and do plays. We have to prove to them that we are who we are. We have to keep working. We don’t really care what people say, ”said Hodge. “We know what we can do. We will see. We go out and do the pieces the way we’re supposed to, and the script turns around. This week we’re going to go out and start doing plays and we’ll see what they say again. “

The pressure will be on all wideouts to intensify and it’s nice to hear Hodge responsibly accept and explain what needs to happen.

Hodge joined the Lions from Cleveland, making him an underdog on the offensive. However, many forget that he had a track record with Goff from his time in Los Angeles. That experience could come in handy for Detroit as the couple try to adapt on the fly after Hodge is added to the lineup.

“This is great for him and me. I didn’t play a lot in my rookie year, I was special teams, ”said Hodge. “I was behind some pretty good guys back then. The time we had together worked out very well. That will show when we get together and play. “

Hodge was a preseason wideout with the Rams, which means he’ll understand how Goff’s ball comes out and what is expected of him in terms of timing and routing. While this is a small thing, it could mean a lot to the Lions, considering all of the inexperienced players at Wideout are on the team right now.

The duo have already befriended each other for an unexpected two-point conversion, so it will be important to see if this offensive bond brings back experience for the Lions.

Hodge is originally from Prairie View A&M and has a small school background that so many wide receivers have kept over the years to become big next-level goals. He originally signed with the Los Angeles Rams as an undrafted free agent in 2018 and played in 14 regular season games in his rookie year and played a key role on a specialty team when the Rams went to the Super Bowl. After being cut, Hodge went to Cleveland, where he played for the team in all 16 games in 2019. He returned in 2020 and would finish with 180 yards for the team. That season, he fell victim to a deep depth map at Wideout. In total, he has 17 receptions and 273 reception yards in his short NFL career.

A look at Hodge’s highlights shows what type of player might be ready for more action in Detroit and to take their career to the next level:

Hodge now gets his chance to shine in Detroit, where he has the task of intervening immediately and producing. It sounds like he’s motivated to find a way to achieve this.

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A look at Hodge’s highlights shows what type of player might be ready for more action in Detroit and to take their career to the next level:

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