Monday, June 27, 2022

Kevin Durant claps back at Patrick Beverley for aiming at nets

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On or off the field, Minnesota Timberwolves point guard Patrick Beverley has never been known for mincing his words. This week, Beverley was a recurring analyst on several ESPN programs and had a lot of things to get off his chest. The list of people he has criticized ranges from Jayson Tatum to Chris Paul. Beverly’s latest target was the Brooklyn Nets during an appearance on ESPN’s Get Up! on Tuesday, May 17th.

“Can they bring a title to Brooklyn? They need a lot of help…three really good teams that will definitely be in the Eastern Conference next year.” said Beverly in ESPN’s May 17 issue of Get Up!

His criticism of Brooklyn drew strong reactions from Nets star Kevin Durant on Twitter.

Durant first Tweeted a picture from Kanye West’s infamous “He running around like he Pac” tweet.

Shortly after Durant responded to @stambreezy on Twitter, who tweeted “lol roleplayers talking like all stars” in response to Beverley’s comments. Durant replied to the tweet that read, “These guys need to stop.”

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The most notable person targeted by the Timberwolves guard was Phoenix Suns star Chris Paul. The Suns, winners of 65 games this season, were the title favorites to advance to this year’s playoffs but were overwhelmingly eliminated by the Dallas Mavericks in the second round of the playoffs. Beverley didn’t hold back when discussing the future Hall of Famer.

“Nobody worries about Chris Paul when you play the Phoenix Suns, nobody in the NBA,” Beverley said during an appearance “ESPN stand up!” on May 16th. “I’m just letting you know how NBA players are feeling. He’s refined the game to the point where he’s getting all the irrelevant calls, all the swipe-throughs at the end.”

Beverley and Paul had their own issues during their time in the league. But Beverley told ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith that his falling out with the Suns star began well before their time in the NBA.

“I appreciate everything he did for the game. Me and CP, it started when I was in college. I went to LeBron James’ camp. … and that’s where I got the little taste for CP. … There has always been something from there.” said Beverly during an appearance on Stephen A’s World on May 17.

“I respect his game. … But the praise he gets and the slander he doesn’t get for not performing isn’t the same as any other superstar. and my question is why not?”

Ian Eagle is one of the play-by-play broadcasters for the Nets on YES Network. So he literally had a front row seat to watching the rollercoaster season that the Nets had in 2021-22. While many were shocked by the results of the Boston Celtics’ 4-0 win, Eagle said the Nets were on the wall before the postseason began.

“There was confirmation that they couldn’t do that last week and at the change of season. When they needed wins to get into play-in, it wasn’t easy. They consistently flirted with the disaster against the Rockets, the Cavaliers, the Pacers – games they had to win – Detroit. Those weren’t easy solutions for her,” Eagle said during an appearance on ESPN radio.

“So that gave me a pretty clear indicator. They didn’t blow anyone away. There were very few dominant efforts. Everything was a struggle. So when they got into the postseason, I just didn’t think they would magically be able to fix all the chemistry-related, injury-related and availability-related issues and issues. You can’t just snap your fingers and make it work.”

The Brooklyn Nets are in for a big offseason. Possibly the biggest in franchise history.

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The Brooklyn Nets are in for a big offseason. Possibly the biggest in franchise history.

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